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Youth Awareness

For more than 25 years, we have organized high school students into a highly effective speakers’ bureau with the goal of educating preschool and elementary school-aged children on a variety of topics, including drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, “stranger danger,” bullying and peer pressure, and healthy habits and nutrition.

Through Moose KidsTalks presentations, participants in the program have reached an audience more than 750,000 children throughout North America. Students also have a chance to compete for $30,000 in college scholarship money that is awarded annually through this program.

For more information about how youth can participate and for the Association Youth Awareness Congress Schedule and lists of Loyal Order of Moose & Women of the Moose Youth Awareness Coordinators, please visit our Forms/Documents section.

Premier Lodge Award

Beginning May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022, in order to earn the Premier Lodge Award a Lodge must:

1) Increase Active Membership over the fiscal year ended 4/30/2021

2) Increase in Total Giving to Moose Charities, excluding amounts for Safe Surfin’ over the fiscal year ending 4/30/2021. Includes Youth Awareness and individual Donor Circle donations to Moose Charities for your members.


Lodge per capita contributions to Moose Charities during the fiscal year ending 4/30/2022 must equal or exceed the fraternity-wide per capita average of $8.22 per member (as established during the prior 2 calendar years)

3) Submit Heart of the Community Reports and receive a grade of “Good” or better on each report

4) Indebtedness on the monthly Moose International Consolidated Billing Statement is less at April 30, 2022 than the balance due shown on the May of 2021 statement (any April 30, 2022 balance of zero or less is considered less than the prior year)

5) Submission of Moose of the Year nomination form by established deadline

6) Lodge must be represented at the 2021 International Convention

7) Lodge must remit Endowment Fund contributions to Moose Charities in at least 10 months during the year

8) Lodge must hold an Orientation/Lodge enrollment a minimum of every two months during the year

Congratulations to this year’s winners! View the full listing here.

Leadership Awards

When the Lodge qualifies for the Premier Lodge Award, both the President and/or Administrator can earn a Leadership Award, qualifying each of them for 100,000 Moose Rewards points.  In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met individually:

– Must serve a full term from May 1 through the following April 30th
– Must be an active Chapter/Moose Legion member at the close of their term, April 30th
– Must sponsor at least three members into the Moose during term of office
– Must, during their term of office, have personally attended all meetings below during their year of service  (Alternate Delegates qualify for a Lodge’s representation but does NOT qualify for the Leadership Award)

  • Association Annual Convention AND Association Mid-Year Conference
  • 2021 Moose International Convention

– Must have successfully completed the minimum required training, pursuant to the Training rules and regulations

Without exception, ALL of the above conditions MUST be met in order to qualify for the award.

***At the discretion of the General Governor, a Lodge may be disqualified from earning the Premier Lodge Award or Leadership Award for failing to abide by our General Laws.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! View the full listings for both Governor and Administrator.

Moose Ceremonies & Procedures

People are busy and we appreciate it when they take time to attend meetings. These outlines help us keep on track and get needed business taken care of. They provide the flow of conducting business.

Simple meeting agendas serve as outlines for the business regularly conducted by the various groups. They are the swearing in ceremonies whereby officers pledge to follow the guidelines and work in harmony for success of the fraternal units they are to serve. It includes informational presentations to enlighten new members on the workings, member benefit programs and philanthropic endeavors of the fraternity.

They include non-denominational memorial services to be presented at a funeral home or gravesite for a departed member. An annual memorial service to remember and honor all those who passed in the prior year is also available and encouraged as a joint program for the Women of the Moose Chapters and Loyal Order of Moose Lodges. Moose Legions, Councils of Higher Degrees and state/provincial associations often host a separate annual memorial program.

Of course there are always procedures in any business or organization that outline how various functions are intended to happen or take place. A variety of manuals, rule books, service procedures, informational pamphlets, etc. help us to keep things organized and on track. Some of them provide ideas for social functions or fund-raising programs in sort of a how to format.

Any forms and additional information regarding Moose Ceremonies & Procedures can be found here.

Monthly Messages


Orientation & Special Meetings

New members of the Women of the Moose are invited to attend an Orientation program to learn what our organization and its mission are about. The Orientation is done in the same manner across our fraternity so every member receives the same important message.

WOTM Ritual


Our Chapters are invited to put a team together to present the program in a very friendly, professional manner.

Information for Chapters:
New Member Orientation
Conferral Coordinator Contacts
Installation of Officers
Installation Ceremony Diagram
Award of Achievement Ceremony
Meeting Procedures and Agendas
Chapter Meeting Diagrams
Academy of Friendship – June


Council of Higher Degrees

The Councils’ main responsibility and goal is to aid the Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions in the retention of active dues paying members through personal contact. Our Council members run various social programs and do a fair amount of fund-raising as well. Support of Moose Charities initiatives and our fraternity in general is often very rewarding as done by these groups. After all, they are made up of past and current leaders who believe in our cause and know our needs and how to fulfill them.

Additionally, the Councils normally have an annual banquet and/or other events to honor those new degree holders who have advanced in the past year. These events recognize the individuals and offer a chance to publically thank them for their service among their peers. This in itself promotes benevolence and charity among all members.

As members of the Higher Degrees, these groups are generally in the forefront of support and promotion of Moose programs and lead the cause of fraternalism by example. These groups, at the Chapter, Lodge and Moose Legion level, may meet as often as desired to socialize, work towards building membership strength, raise funds for Moose Charities and help with various other fraternal endeavors.

Any forms and additional information regarding Council of Higher Degrees can be found here.

Fellowship Degree

Membership is generally comprised of those who take an active role in building membership, serve on committees and volunteer their time and talents in service to Moose programs. Those who serve as Chairmen of various committees and as officers in the lodge, Moose Legion, district and associations are most often recognized and recommended for advancement.

November is Fellowship Honor month across the fraternity. The members of this degree are recognized for their services over the years through activities and programs. They also meet to discuss the possibility of recommending other Moose Legion members to be considered for the Fellowship Degree.

Recommendations are confidential until such time as the recommended Moose Legionnaire is selected and called by the Pilgrim Council to be conferred with the Degree of Honor. The opportunity to serve on the Lodge Fellowship Committee is one of the privileges of being a Fellow. This select group may meet as often as they like to socialize, raise funds for special projects or conduct other business beneficial to the Degree or to the Lodge.

The official regalia of a Fellow include a French-blue blazer featuring the Fellowship logo, coordinated necktie, white shirt, black trousers and black footwear. The regalia may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the character and strength that these men have provided to the Moose fraternal structure.

A Fellow is someone who has been a leader and is now often an all-important mentor to newer members helping to guide them along a fraternal leadership path towards enhancing our existing programs. They continue to serve in various ways to keep their fraternal units strong, often through positive efforts in membership recruitment and retention.

Moose Legion

These Moose Legionnaires feel an increased level of pride in membership. Opportunities to be leaders and to provide additional support for the Order’s philanthropic causes in relation to Mooseheart & Moosehaven are recognized through involvement in this degree.

Each lodge is encouraged to organize Moose Legion Committees. These groups hold various functions for the social enjoyment of the local members. By so doing not only do the members enjoy their membership even more, but additional support is generated for the lodge itself.

Additionally, an area of lodge’s band together and unify efforts to form Moose Legion jurisdictions (sort of like a district). These jurisdictions then hold additional functions for members, set up by the boards of directors elected by the members. They raise significant funds for support of Moosehaven and Mooseheart as well as general support of the state and provincial associations and indeed the fraternity itself.

The Moose Legion is known as being the “Degree of Service” because of the many programs it supports. It is also possibly even better known as the “Fun Degree.” Our members do like to enjoy themselves! Our mission is: “To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose fraternity.” Our motto is: “To do some good thing for someone each day.”

Any forms and additional information can be found in our Forms/Documents section.



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