How to Sponsor a Member

Simply ask, “How would you like to join the finest non-profit organization around? You are a dear friend, and I would like to take you to our local lodge and where you can see why I have love for our fraternity. The cost is minimal, and you would not believe the benefits you are eligible for, simply by joining.” Who wouldn’t want to accept your offer?

Sponsoring is also guiding that new member and encouraging them to become active in your local lodge. Once they become familiar with the lodge, take the time to explain what their membership means to the rest of the fraternity. Further expand on Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Community Service. They will not believe what the fraternity does for those in need. Don’t hesitate – sponsor them today! Print/Download our Sponsor Guide for tips on talking to potential members.

Application Options

  • The Moose App is a great way to facilitate sponsoring friends and family into the organization. Simply open the app and click on the New Member Application icon. Assist the applicant with entering the correct information in each field, enter payment information and hit Submit. It’s as easy as that.
  • Use the electronic application available on our website.
  • Pick up a paper application from your local lodge or print one off of our website.

* For all paper applications, make sure print is legible, that both the applicant side and the Obligation of Membership located on the back of the form is completed.

* Fill out the sponsor section in full.

* Turn the application/monies into the Lodge they are joining.

* Explain to your applicant the process for joining and encourage them to attend the orientation program.

Every applicant for membership, approved by the Application Review Committee, must be voted upon by the membership at a regular Lodge meeting. Upon receiving a simple favorable majority of votes cast, they will be declared elected to membership, enrolled and a membership card is mailed to them from Moose International.