Moose Ceremonies & Procedures

People are busy and we appreciate it when they take time to attend meetings. These outlines help us keep on track and get needed business taken care of. They provide the flow of conducting business.

Simple meeting agendas serve as outlines for the business regularly conducted by the various groups. They are the swearing in ceremonies whereby officers pledge to follow the guidelines and work in harmony for success of the fraternal units they are to serve. It includes informational presentations to enlighten new members on the workings, member benefit programs and philanthropic endeavors of the fraternity.

They include non-denominational memorial services to be presented at a funeral home or gravesite for a departed member. An annual memorial service to remember and honor all those who passed in the prior year is also available and encouraged as a joint program for the Women of the Moose Chapters and Loyal Order of Moose Lodges. Moose Legions, Councils of Higher Degrees and state/provincial associations often host a separate annual memorial program.

Of course there are always procedures in any business or organization that outline how various functions are intended to happen or take place. A variety of manuals, rule books, service procedures, informational pamphlets, etc. help us to keep things organized and on track. Some of them provide ideas for social functions or fund-raising programs in sort of a how to format.

Any forms and additional information regarding Moose Ceremonies & Procedures can be found here.