Life Membership

To purchase a life membership, the necessary funds are remitted directly to Moose International, via our lockbox service. Members that have served 50 consecutive years with the Order, paid dues in advance equal to 50 years of service, or sponsored 250 members are issued a Life Membership in their fraternal unit. Life Members are provided a new membership card indicating Life Member Status.

A Moose member whose dues are current but who does not meet the above requirements may purchase a Life Membership. The cost of a Life Membership is as follows:

Loyal Order of Moose – $1,000
Women of the Moose – $400
Moose Legion – $500

A Life Membership may be purchased by sending a check in the appropriate amount, payable to:

Moose International
Dues Processing Center
PO Box 88065
Chicago, IL 60680-1065

Canadian members should mail their checks to the following address:

Moose International
Dues Processing Center
PO Box 88067
Chicago, IL 60680-1067

When purchasing a Life Membership, please include your member ID #, your unit #, and the words “Life Membership” on the check.