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Moose International is happy to announce a more user-friendly version of Moose magazine for mobile devices – perfect for members who are busy and on-the-go! The new and enhanced version features flowable text and adjustable font size so you no longer have to struggle to read stories from your phone or tablet! In addition, the contents view makes it easy to see all the stories/features at once so you can jump to your favorite section much faster, while still being able to see the traditional/page view if you desire. A tutorial is also offered to walk you through all the features/benefits of the new platform at the beginning. We hope you enjoy this new enhanced version of Moose magazine, making it easier for those of you on the go to stay connected! Check it out for yourself here!

October Message from Dan Gooch

As we approach the halfway point of our fiscal year at the end of this month, we see an increase in active membership. This is great to see, but can we do better? Yes we can! While we are signing members at a fantastic rate, we need to work on our retention efforts. You may say we only need to worry about that in April. Not so – we need to think retention the day we sign someone into the Moose Legion. Every day is the day to make those calls or have personal contacts. Continue to keep that Moose Legionnaire interested and involved. Give them a reason to keep up their membership. Listen to THEIR ideas. Let them help. They say, “Never turn a volunteer down.” Put them on a committee, ask them to help with a fundraising project, anything to keep them interested. Any Moose Legionnaire can help. Get a list from your jurisdiction Secretary and start making calls. I am sure he would appreciate your help. “Let’s Make It Happen, Because We Care.”

Hope to see everyone in Jacksonville for a fun-filled weekend!

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President

Moose Legion Conference | Agenda

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Friday, November 11

All Day – Ritual Competition
9:00 AM – Information Session 1
1:30 PM – Information Session 2
7:00 PM – Cash Bash to Benefit Museum of Moose History Renovation Project

Saturday, November 12

8:00 AM – 12:30 PM – Ritual Competition
10:00 AM – Moosehaven Chili Cookoff Begins
6:30 PM – Conference Banquet & Ritual Competition Awards

Sunday, November 13

8:00 AM – Ritual Competition Critique
9:00 AM – Conferral of New Moose Legionnaires by Outgoing Champion Ritual Staff

Magazine Survey: Dec / Jan

Magazine Survey

Answer the questions below for a chance to be featured in the Dec/Jan Moose magazine! *We reserve the right to edit answers for length/clarity and not all submissions will be published due to space constraints.
  • Please upload head/shoulder photos shot with at least 300 DPI. Only profiles with digital photos will be published. No filters please!
  • Please upload head/shoulder photos shot with at least 300 DPI. Only profiles with digital photos will be published.

September Message from Cathy Funkey

The dictionary defines September as “the ninth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the first month of autumn.” But in the Roman calendar September is the seventh month. Bit confusing isn’t it. Somewhat like the confusion some of our Chapters are still experiencing.

Are we Chapter members,  Lodge members or are we both? I don’t think we can afford to be without the moral and financial support our Chapters give to Mooseheart, Moosehaven, their Lodges and communities. We need everyone to take pride in being a member of a Chapter, Moose Legion and Lodge. Each unit compliments the other and makes us stronger.

No matter what the naysayers tell you, there is room for all of in the Moose. James J. Davis said, “With your enthusiasm and the sparkle which you have in your eyes, I am sure you will make good.”

International Open House Day – October 22nd

Moose International has designated Saturday, October 22, 2022 as “International Open House Day” for lodge homes throughout the Fraternity. This date corresponds closely with Founder’s Day (October 27th), which celebrates the birth of James J. Davis, the driving force who brought purpose and meaning to the Fraternity during its earliest stages.

All lodges are encouraged to conduct events that will bring friends, family and local residents in touch with the Moose, our lodge homes, and the work we do on behalf of children, seniors and our communities.

The Compliance Office has issued a blanket dispensation for all lodges to hold events on that day that are open to the public, as long as the Moose’s general guidelines for public events are followed. Alcohol may or may not be served, based on the structure of the event, but cannot be sold to members or non-members during the event. Lodges should refer to Section 46.13 of the General Laws for guidelines to public events, such as Open Houses.

**Note, if October 22nd is unavailable to conduct an Open House, the blanket dispensation allows lodges and chapters to hold the event a week earlier, which is Saturday, October 15th.

Check out this helpful PowerPoint on Conducting Proper & Frequent Open Houses.

September Message from Charles Barber

“A Laurel Wreath is a symbol of triumph and is worn as a chaplet around the head, or as a garland around the neck.”

Moose Legionnaires, you certainly are entitled to feel triumphant after a year during which we have realized the first year over year gain in membership since 2014 (2,696 to be precise, a whopping 5.4%.) And while you may be deserving of a pat on the back or a Laurel Wreath, be careful where you are wearing those Laurels. Quite often, we humans are guilty of “resting” on our laurels, ignoring the hard work that is required to maintain this triumphant status. In our case, it refers to one simple, yet seemingly so very difficult task, namely membership retention. Each and every year seems to bring the same dilemma; namely, we wait through summer, fall, and winter before spring brings with it a renewed urgency to reach out and work membership retention. Junior Past President, this is your committee and responsibility to get busy. Form your committee, work the phones, and work with the Council of Higher Degrees and the Lodge Moose Legion Committees in your jurisdiction to retain the momentum we gained in 2022, so that when we get to Reno in 2023, there will still be Laurels to wear. And remember “If you are resting on your laurels, you are wearing them in the wrong place.”


Charles Barber
Intl Moose Legion Vice President

Moose Legion Conference | Housing

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