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A Note from the Director General

DG Message

Wow, did we have a great time in Orlando for the historic One Moose Town Hall Meeting or what! With over 600 of our Moose sisters and brothers in attendance, I believe we accomplished our goal in sharing the vision for a powerful future as One Moose. Members brought forth some well thought out questions throughout the course of the day and we are currently working on some adjustments based on the feedback.

PowerPoint slides of every topic presentation, plus video clips of all the talks and follow-up questions will be posted online for all members to view. As we refine the go-forward plan for unifying our fraternity, we will be sharing that information with you through Official Communications and postings right here at

Finally, we are inviting all members to make your voice heard by visiting and participating in our One Moose straw poll, as well as providing us with any thoughts you may have about this process and our future.

As we are in the season of Thanksgiving, please know that your hard work, effort and positive attitude are very much appreciated. As Moose, we are doing good every day, striving to better the lives of our children at Mooseheart, our seniors at Moosehaven and those in need within our communities….knowing that the best is yet to come!

May you keep our purpose close to your heart and our vision for the day when we are One Moose on your horizon.

We are……….One Moose!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share with me, use our online form: “Tell the Director General.”