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A Note from the Chief Executive Officer

While watching my first Mooseheart Soccer match of 2021 at the Ohio Field, I noticed that the long shadows of late summer were in full view at the stadium. Both Soccer and Volleyball are in action once again after a year’s hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic. It does the soul well to see children and teens enjoying their favorite activities as another school year at Mooseheart begins. Right between the Ohio Fieldhouse and the School is the site of the new Mooseheart Activity Center (MAC). The incredible gift from the Moose Fraternity to the children is under construction, with a spring 2022 completion date just around the corner. What is amazing about this fundraising project is how many Associations surpassed their original commitment. Those extra funds will help Moose Charities realize the fundraising goal of $8,000,000 on schedule – way to go!

Speaking of strong finishes, if you haven’t tuned in to watch Moose member and NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain turn left in the Moose No. 42 car, you missed a couple great opportunities. On Saturday, September 11th Ross finished a strong 7th Place at Richmond Raceway, with lots of TV time as he put the Moose car in first place for a number of laps. Then on Saturday, September 18th Ross fought hard for every position he could get in the Moose No. 42 and finished 14th at Bristol Motor Speedway. He also had two personal appearances at Richmond East, VA Lodge No. 1947 and Kingsport, TN Lodge No. 972 prior to the races. A great time of fellowship together and talking Moose and short track racing!

Not to be outdone, we have an equally strong start to the newly announced Local Marketing Grant Program. Over 100 Lodges have received a total of $200,000 to market themselves in their local community. From parades, music festivals, county fairs and youth sport teams, our Moose Lodges are making themselves known. This is an ongoing program, so click on the Programs/Events tab just to the left of this message for more information.

Thank you for all you do to make the Moose shine brightly in your community. Summer may be fading, but the Moose Fraternity is strengthening, with the best yet to come! God Bless!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share, use our online form: “Tell the Chief Executive Officer.”