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A Note from the Director General

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We find ourselves celebrating the last of our teenage years now that it is 2019, with the Roaring Twenties right around the corner! We have a lot of days between now and then, so what to do with our time? Let’s remember to celebrate the little and big successes. Last year we saw Calumet-Ridge, Indiana Lodge No. 1258 achieve 100% membership retention – how incredible! Moosehaven’s Centennial Hall is complete – how awesome! Twenty-one Associations are showing a gain in membership production versus last year, with Florida-Bermuda leading the way – how fantastic!

Secondly, how about forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made in 2018? We all are human and it’s going to happen. Take a deep breath and get back in the game. Let the past be the past and focus on what you can do today. If you are reading this post, then you are likely a dedicated and faithful Moose member. We need your best in 2019 and you have a lot to offer. Let’s get moving!

Finally, let’s try asking others for help. Stop trying to do it alone and ask (maybe a small amount of begging) for assistance on the next Lodge activity or project. Most of us are inclined to sit on the sidelines and wait to be asked – I was voted best high school dance wallflower in 1986! Push a little and get more members engaged, even it is only one or two. It will make them feel valued and provide an emotional boost to you as well.

Thank you for being a special member of the Moose family this year– we are on a mission to make life better for those around us – you’re doing great!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share with me, use our online form: “Tell the Director General.”