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A Note from the Chief Executive Officer

My dad put me behind the wheel of our Volkswagen Beetle when I was seven years old. Trying to work the clutch and peek between the top of the steering wheel and the dashboard resulted in a close call with the neighbor’s mailbox. At fifteen years old and in the school’s driver education car, our Instructor tapped me on the right arm more than once to tell me to pay attention to what was in the rearview mirror. I learned it was important to have a vison on what lies ahead, as well as what is behind you.

When the calendar turned to January 2021, most of us let out a sigh of relief that 2020 was over and better things were ahead for us and our fraternity. We saw one of the greatest fraternal achievements accomplished on May 1st with equality reigning throughout every Moose Lodge. After a virtual International Convention in 2020, we traveled to Cincinnati over the 4th of July and celebrated together as One Moose. Membership production has taken off like a family sedan on nitrous oxide this year. We are already close to topping more than 100,000 new members signed since May 1st – simply incredible! Not only did we see a National Marketing Campaign with NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain go well in 2021, but we also saw the launch of Local Marketing Grants become available for every Lodge that was represented at the International Convention. To date, more than $300,000 has been granted to 151 Lodges. From parades, music festivals, county fairs and youth sport teams, our Moose Lodges are making themselves known. This is an ongoing program, so click on the Programs/Events tab just to the left of this message for more information.

We witnessed the start of construction on the Mooseheart Activity Center (MAC) on June 7th. This incredible gift from the Moose Fraternity to our children will be dedicated during Graduation/Pilgrim weekend in June of 2022. Thanks to your amazing generosity the fundraising goal of $8,000,000 is almost complete – great job! On a final note concerning 2021, we sadly had to say a final goodbye to many friends, family members and fellow Moose. It was a difficult year for us all and 2022 won’t be the same without their laughter, advice and presence. May they rest in peace.

Finally, what will 2022 look like for our Moose family? As I focus my eyesight out ahead, I rest in the assurance that we are riding together as a stronger and more united Moose than ever before. Let’s enjoy the journey and share a big thank you for all you do to make tomorrow brighter for someone or some family that is hurting and needs a helping Moose hand to steady the steering wheel of their life. God Bless!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share, use our online form: “Tell the Chief Executive Officer.”