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A Note from the Chief Executive Officer

Once the overcast skies of winter arrived, my mom began saving every bread bag that was emptied (some of you know where this is going). The snow boots we could afford weren’t very waterproof, and it didn’t take long for the insulation inside to become soaked. So, we slipped our socked feet into bread bags to keep them dry while we built snow forts and pounded each other with snowballs. You made do with what you had and didn’t think twice about your feet smelling like Butternut Bread all day.

You can share many of your own “unique” childhood stories and ways you made do with what you had at your disposal. This is much the same in our lodges, as we don’t always have the best equipment, furnishings and facilities to attract new members and retain the current ones. What we do have is people. People who care, people who are fun to be around and people who can share with us in our celebrations and be there for us in days not quite so bright. Having warm dry feet while building an igloo by yourself is okay, but doing it with a brother, sister or friend is so much better. Having a beverage and meal by yourself is okay, but how much more enjoyable to share it with friends at the Moose lodge?

We’ve had a number of great moments in The Moose which we’ve shared together – a gain in active membership, an incredible International Convention in Orlando, FL and a celebration of Moosehaven’s 100th Anniversary. We saw the Mooseheart Activity Center (MAC) open in June and kicked off Moosehaven’s AAA recreation-focused project. Ross Chastain took the No. 1 Moose Fraternity Chevy Camaro to victory lane at Talladega and “Hauled the Wall” in Martinsville. National PR was strong, but even stronger on the local level, as we saw a record number of lodges marketing their value in the community through the Local Marketing Grant Program.

As a fraternity, if we have had all this success by simply making do with what we have, then I can’t wait to experience being part of the Moose family in 2023. When life gives you a loaf of bread, break out the strawberry jam and share it with friends and family. Just remember to keep the bread bags – the snow is falling and it’s time to put our boots on and make something great together! God Bless!

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