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A Note from the Chief Executive Officer

Some times in life, the anticipation for an activity is better than the real thing. Emotions build as the day draws closer and we feel the flood of excitement thinking about how awesome the experience will be. The 134th International Moose Convention may be in the rearview mirror, but the collective energy of our Moose family definitely exceeded all expectations. We felt the satisfaction of a job well done with a gain in overall membership in The Moose and Moose Legion, and celebrated Moosehaven’s 100th Anniversary in style. We recognized 399 Premier Lodge Award winners and the Louisiana Moose Association on their title of “Top Association.”

Conferral ceremonies for new Fellows, Collegians and Star Recorders were also held, and we gathered together to celebrate all of their accomplishments. We were even able to surprise Sandra Richards, Meridian, MS Lodge 1628, with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Everyone enjoyed an inspirational Installation Ceremony as we closed out the Convention. Congratulations to all incoming Committee, Council and Board members. Special recognition goes out to our WOTM Grand Regent, Cathy Funkey, International Moose Legion President Dan Gooch and our Chairman of the Moose International Board of Directors Bruce Masopust – we look forward to an incredible year ahead!

So, as we move through the next few months, what do we have to anticipate as Moose? New funding was announced for both Lodge Grants and Local Marketing Grants. If your Lodge was represented at the International Convention in Orlando, then you qualify to apply for both grants. $1,500,000 has been approved and the Board of Directors is ready to see how you’ll make the most of this opportunity. The Moose Fraternity will also be working with Social Media Influencers to share the powerful Moose story with their followers. This is a new marketing strategy and we’ll be leveraging the strength of social media to connect with potential members. Plus, you’ll also have two more opportunities to watch the No. 1 Moose Fraternity Chevy Camaro take the track in Richmond, VA on August 14th and in Martinsville, VA on October 30th. Ross Chastain is giving the Moose Fraternity plenty of air time and is currently 2nd in the points standings.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be a Moose. We appreciate your commitment to our Mooseheart children and Moosehaven seniors – together we will Make It Happen! God Bless!

If you have a concern or idea you’d like to share, use our online form: “Tell the Chief Executive Officer.”