Employment Opportunities

8/2022  This message is for all enrollees in a Moose sponsored Medical Plan.

Legislation was recently passed that required  employers sponsoring medical plans to make publicly available, in machine-readable format, files containing in-network and out-of-network cost information. These files will be updated monthly and include in-network and out-of-network cost information on covered items and services. (These files are machine readable, are voluminous and are posted in a format required by regulation, and thus may not be easily usable by individuals). Best option is to refer to the Cost-Estimator in your personal Blue Access acct.

To view the machine readable files, click here.

  • Traveling Administrator



      • The purpose of this position is to provide temporary onsite assistance in the event of an unfortunate or unexpected vacancy in the office of the lodge Administrator. The length of time committed to providing this assistance will be determined by an analysis of the needs of the fraternal unit (customarily performed at the direction of the Assistant Director of Membership-Lodge Development with assistance from the Territory and Regional Managers and Financial Review Specialists as appropriate) and this assignment should not routinely exceed 10-20 days at each site. The Traveling Administrator will work closely with the lodge Treasurer and other Board members to ensure a smooth transition while they search for a replacement. This individual is empowered with the authority of a Regional Manager for the purpose of assisting the Compliance Office with enforcing the General Laws. The Traveling Administrator will not become a part of the lodge corporation and will only perform as an instructor and consultant with the everyday tasks of a lodge Administrator.


      • The Traveling Administrator will work closely with the lodge Board of Officers to ensure a fair and equitable overall operation and assist with a smooth transition while assisting the membership identify a highly qualified Administrator.
      • This individual will also be empowered with the authority of a Regional Manager for the purpose of assisting the Compliance Office with enforcing the General Laws as may be necessary.
      • Evaluating and assessing the abilities of the Board of Officers, especially the Treasurer. Identifying strengths and weaknesses within the Board of Officers.
      • Assist the Board with advertising for and identifying a suitable Administrator.
      • Offering and helping to implement processes and procedures for daily operations to include financial responsibility and accountability.
      • Assist the lodge to comply with Chapter 36 of the General Laws pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of the Administrator (who will be the Treasurer who becomes the Acting Administrator in case of a vacancy). In the case where there is no Treasurer, the Traveling Administrator will assist the Board with electing/appointing a Treasurer, complying with the General Laws.
      • Evaluate overall business operations and assist the lodge with formulating a business plan.
      • At no time will the Traveling Administrator sign any documents or enter into any agreement with vendors or other financial/business institutions on behalf of the lodge. All official documents, contracts, legal submissions and responses shall be by the lodge Treasurer (or other designated/authorized representative of the lodge) at the direction of the Board of Officers. The Traveling Administrator may engage in assisting with the preparation of banks, counting monies for deposit etc. only in the presence of a designated and bonded officer of the lodge.
      • In the case where the services of the Traveling Administrator are not needed and there are no pending assignments, the individual will be assigned to lodge visits by the Asst. Membership Director – Lodge Development as necessary. The individual will perform as a Regional Manager and assist with routine or specified visits as appropriate in order to supplement the efforts of the Field Staff.
      • Any other duties as assigned.
      • This is a field position and will require extensive and routine travel as necessary.


      • A Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing or any closely related field is preferred.
      • Any combination of education, training or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
      • Experience with nonprofit organizations.
      • Knowledge of Moose lodge operations and/or administration a must.
      • Moose membership is required due to the nature and level of supervisory duties and responsibilities.


      • Competitive Salary with travel expense reimbursement.
      • Full benefits on first of month following date of hire.
      • Free life, short and long-term disability.
      • Paid personal time off, holidays and vacation time.
      • 401(k) with company match.
      • EAP.
      • Optional BCBS medical, Guardian dental, vision, accident, critical illness, voluntary life insurance plans.

      To express interest in this position, please submit resume with applicable qualifications.


      Submit to: Larry Meade

      Asst. Director of Lodge Development

      e-mail: lmeade@mooseintl.org

      Deadline: Noon Monday, March 20, 2023

  • Financial Review Specialist



      • A specialized position with the principle responsibility to perform more complex analysis and support of Moose Lodges which are identified as having major challenges within their fraternal and/or business operations.  He/she will conduct onsite and/or remote evaluations of operations and take necessary steps to move the identified lodge back on the path of fraternal and fiscal success.  When not on assignment, he/she will assist in the evaluation of lodge reports, both operational and fraternal, and recommend a specific course of action to be taken by assigned, local field staff members.  Further, Financial Review Specialists may also assist in training of various field staff employees, volunteers and others who may interact with Moose lodges, as well as temporarily perform essential job functions associated with the Territory Manager role in understaffed or unstaffed territories as necessary.


      • Communicates with Moose Membership Department Management Team, and both Regional and Territory Managers, to identify lodges that have financial and/or operational issues outside the normal scope of management operation problems that can typically be solved via occasional visits by field staff employees and volunteers.
      • Interacts with Regional/Territory Managers, Lodge officers, members and staff to quantify and qualify specific fraternal/operational issues that are impacting the lodge’s ability to operate effectively, then moderates discussion with all parties in an effort to resolve identified issues.
      • Provides immediate individualized training in areas identified as a critical deficiency and recommends appropriate training through other resources for areas of routine operations.
      • Performs extensive examination of books and records of assigned Lodges and makes recommendations on: improvements to recordkeeping; business operation changes; officer realignment; and the development and implementation of programs to maximize Lodge membership and profitability in every business segment in which a Lodge is involved.
      • Monitors and evaluates reports provided by Moose International to actively track progress of the Lodges within identified regions; makes recommendations and suggestions to Regional and Territory Managers based on information contained in reports.
      • When on assignment, reviews duties of the Board of Officers and the Auditing Committee with the committee’s members of the assigned Lodge, and provides training as necessary.
      • Provides onsite training support for new and established Territory Managers in business, financial and territory management, including: pricing of food and beverage operations; retention and recovery methods; officer training and/or reorganization; house committees; QuickBooks on Line applications; reporting; and other areas as needed.
      • Provides temporary coverage support as requested for unstaffed or understaffed territories of the Fraternity.
      • Communicates all findings, recommendations and progress reports to appropriate Moose International staff, Lodge Officers and other support personnel within established timelines. Maintaining confidentiality and sharing financial information only with those authorized individuals entitled to receive such information.


      • Interacts with various creditors, regulators and vendors in determining assigned lodges’ status with financial obligations.
      • Testifies in criminal, civil and/or fraternal judicial proceedings as required.
      • Perform financial reviews of chapters and Moose Legions when assigned; and to copy the report findings and recommendations to Women of the Moose International headquarters’ and/or respectfully to Director of Higher Degrees at Moose International.
      • Other duties as assigned.


      • Develop capable leadership teams for each Lodge within an assigned territory.
      • Improve fraternal and business operations primarily within assigned Lodges and secondarily organization wide.
      • Aid in increasing Active Members, primarily in assigned Lodges and secondarily within The Moose as a whole.
      • Decrease outstanding indebtedness of assigned Lodges to Moose International.
      • Increase Lodge giving by assigned Lodges in support of Moose Charities.
      • Increase number and quality of fraternal programs and community service efforts for each Lodge within an assigned territory.
      • Identify, recruit and train qualified volunteers to support the paid staff in the achievement of departmental goals.


      • Membership Department Staff Management – weekly to as needed.
      • Regional or Territory Managers – often, as needed.
      • Office of Compliance Staff – as needed.
      • Other Department Directors and Staff – as needed.


      • Moose Lodges, their Officers and members – daily.
      • Moose Associations – as needed.
      • Banking/Financial Services Representatives – as needed.
      • Realtors and related professionals – as needed.
      • Vendors supplying Lodges in assigned territory – as needed.
      • Governmental investigative, regulatory and taxation representatives – as needed.
      • Judicial bodies and representatives – as needed.


      • High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred.
      • Experience using personal computers utilizing a Microsoft Windows operating system, MSOffice Suite, and Internet Explorer.
      • Experience writing comprehensive reports and observations.
      • Comprehensive knowledge and ability to use QuickBooks on Line or QuickBooks programs, and the skills to teach others the proper utilization of this software; or the ability to attain this knowledge in an expedient manner.
      • Prior management experience, preferably in Lodge, food and beverage, or other hospitality-related environment.
      • Strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills.
      • Ability to routinely manage multiple tasks simultaneously, to quickly adapt to changing situations and to solve problems with minimal supervisor intervention.
      • Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team environment.
      • Use of a personal vehicle; a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and the ability to drive in daylight or nighttime.
      • Able to work away from home as necessary, occasionally up to several weeks at a time.


      • Self-motivated and results oriented.
      • Effectively expresses ideas and facts in a succinct, organized manner.
      • Makes clear and convincing oral presentations.
      • Considers and responds appropriately to ideas and thoughts expressed by others.
      • Ability to persuade others, gain cooperation, and influence outcomes as well as foster commitment and team spirit.
      • Adaptable to new information and ideas, changing conditions, unexpected obstacles and different leadership styles.
      • Detailed and comprehensive knowledge of The Moose fraternal organization—its structure, leadership, history, rules, new lodge/chapter/service center policies and procedures, and formal/informal relationships within Moose International, Inc. and its subsidiaries and related organizations, or the ability to develop this knowledge quickly.
      • Experience in collection of delinquent debts.
      • If assigned to a region outside the U.S., a valid passport and the ability to travel outside the country.


      • Frequent travel by car; travel by watercraft or aircraft in a variety of weather conditions required on occasion.
      • Moose Lodge work locations include offices and work areas typical of a food and beverage establishment, which can be in multi-story buildings and may not have an elevator.
      • Able to carry approximately 20 pounds of computer equipment and other work supplies over a variety of possibly uneven surfaces, up and down stairs or inclines, for distances typically under 100 yards.
      • Additional assignments in hotel/convention center-type venues.

      To express interest in this position, please submit resume with applicable qualifications.


      Submit to: Dave Smoot

      Assistant Director – Field Operations

      e-mail: dsmoot@mooseintl.org