Employment Opportunities

  • Territory Manager - Southeast Region


      • Southeast Region | Territory 18 | South Carolina & Eastern North Carolina


      • A multifaceted position with the principle responsibility to assist Moose Lodges in improving their Fraternal and Business operations. The TM will provide leadership and direction to encourage and assist in implementing programs consistent with the laws and policies of the fraternity which will enhance fraternalism, improve operations, and satisfy the needs of the members and their families. Success is measured by the performance of each assigned Lodge in the assigned territory in increasing active membership, increasing donations to Moose Charities, decreasing indebtedness to Moose International and building the net equity of the Lodge.


      • Works with Lodge leadership to ensure that each Officer understands and fulfills the duties towards the benefit of the Lodge and its members
      • Assists Lodges in creating and implementing mentoring and leadership training initiatives that will help develop capable officers and volunteers
      • Interacts with Lodge Officers, members and staff to identify areas of fraternal/operational inefficiencies and/or member dissatisfaction, then moderates discussion with Lodge Officers in effort to resolve identified issues
      • Provides for immediate individualized training in areas identified as a critical deficiency and recommends appropriate training through other resources for areas of routine operations
      • Regularly examines the books and records of assigned Lodges and makes recommendations on: improvements to recordkeeping; business operation changes; and the development and implementation of programs to maximize Lodge membership and profitability in every business segment in which a Lodge is involved
      • Utilizes reports provided by Moose International to actively monitor progress of the Lodges within the assigned territory; makes recommendations and suggestions based on information contained in reports
      • Identifies negative trends that indicate that the Lodge may encounter financial issues in the future and communicates that information to both Lodge leadership and the appropriate departments within Moose International
      • Reviews duties of the Financial Review Committees with the committee’s members of each Lodge within assigned territory, and provides training as necessary
      • Promotes all annual and periodic membership campaigns from Moose International and assures that the information is passed on to Lodge members through materials in the Lodge home, as well as print and electronic communications
      • Assures that Lodges and individual members are properly recognized for maintaining or increasing active membership
      • Assists Lodges in creating fraternal programming and community service initiatives which engage members and create a positive public impression of the Lodge
      • Recruits and trains volunteers to assist with the monitoring of Lodges in assigned territory or remotely located Lodges identified as requiring frequent monitoring, or those with specialized needs that a particular volunteer can offer
      • Communicates regularly with Chapter Analyst Coordinators to ensure that Lodge and Chapter members are working together to advance the goals of the fraternity
      • Communicates all findings, recommendations and progress reports to appropriate Moose International staff, Lodge Officers and other support personnel
      • Actively creates new Service Centers and Lodges within assigned territory


      • Monitors payments of Moose International loans and accounts receivable by Lodges within the territory
      • Promotes advancement of Lodge members to the Moose Legion and Higher Degrees
      • Assists other Moose International departments in promoting, implementing and/or achieving compliance with their respective programs within assigned territory
      • As required, assists in the planning of Association Annual Conventions and Mid-Year Conferences, as well as assuring that agendas are properly completed
      • As required, represents Moose International at Moose Association meetings and other events of significance to the organization, its mission and purposes
      • Assists in planning visits of the Supreme Governor to Associations within the assigned Territory; including the coordination of transportation by Association representative or Deputy Supreme Governor appointees
      • Verifies information on Recommendation Forms and approves recommendations for the Fellowship Degree of Honor (provided Territory Manager is a Fellow)
      • Assists in actively contacting delinquent Pilgrims on list provided periodically by Director General’s office
      • Interacts with various creditors, regulators and vendors in determining assigned lodges’ status with financial obligations
      • Testifies in criminal, civil and/or fraternal judicial proceedings, as required
      • Submits recommendations for Deputy Supreme Governor, as required
      • Other duties as assigned


      • Develop capable leadership teams for each Lodge within an assigned territory
      • Improve Fraternal and Business Operations primarily within in assigned Lodges and secondarily organization wide
      • Aid in increasing Active Members, primarily in assigned Lodges and secondarily within the Loyal Order of Moose as a whole
      • Decrease outstanding indebtedness of assigned Lodges to Moose International
      • Increase Lodge giving by assigned Lodges in support of Moose Charities
      • Increase number and quality of fraternal programs and community service efforts for each Lodge within an assigned territory
      • Identify, recruit and train qualified volunteers to support the paid staff in the achievement of departmental goals


      • Oversees the activity of volunteers within their territory


      • Regional Manager – daily to weekly
      • Director of Field Operations – weekly to as needed
      • Membership Department Staff Management – weekly to as needed
      • Other Territory Managers – as needed
      • General Governor’s Office Staff – as needed
      • Other Department Directors and Staff – as needed


      • Moose Lodges, their Officers and members - daily
      • Moose Associations – as needed
      • Banking/Financial Services Representatives – as needed
      • Realtors and related professionals – as needed
      • Vendors supplying Lodges in assigned territory – as needed
      • Governmental investigative, regulatory and taxation representatives – as needed
      • Judicial bodies and representatives – as needed


      • High school diploma or equivalent, Associates/Bachelors preferred
      • Experience using personal computers utilizing a Microsoft Windows operating system, MSOffice Suite, and Internet Explorer
      • Experience writing comprehensive reports and observations
      • Comprehensive knowledge and ability to use QuickBooks Pro 2007 or above, and the skills to teach others the proper utilization of this software; or the ability to attain this knowledge in an expedient manner
      • Prior management experience, preferably in Lodge, food and beverage, or other hospitality-related environment
      • Strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills
      • Ability to routinely manage multiple tasks simultaneously, to quickly adapt to changing situations and to solve problems with minimal supervisor intervention
      • Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team environment
      • Use of a personal vehicle; a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and the ability to drive in daylight or nighttime
      • Able to work away from home as necessary, occasionally up to several weeks at a time
      • Must possess the ability to receive/send communication via phone and e-mail from both home and while traveling in the field
      • If employed in the Quebec providence of Canada must be bi-lingual in English and French


      • An Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance is a preference for all field positions. Experience may be substituted.
      • Self-motivated and results oriented
      • Effectively expresses ideas and facts in a succinct, organized manner
      • Makes clear and convincing oral presentations
      • Considers and responds appropriately to ideas and thoughts expressed by others
      • Ability to persuade others, gain cooperation, and influence outcomes as well as foster commitment and team spirit
      • Adaptable to new information and ideas, changing conditions, unexpected obstacles and different leadership styles
      • Experience recruiting and training volunteers
      • Detailed and comprehensive knowledge of Moose fraternal organization—its structure, leadership, history, rules, new lodge/chapter/service center policies and procedures, and formal/informal relationships within Moose International, Inc. and its subsidiaries and related organizations, or the ability to develop this knowledge quickly
      • Experience in collection of delinquent debts
      • Direct supervisory experience, including feedback, coaching, and developing staff
      • If assigned to a territory outside the U.S., a valid passport and the ability to travel outside the country


      • Frequent travel by car; travel by watercraft or aircraft in a variety of weather conditions required on occasion
      • Moose Lodge work locations include offices and work areas typical of a food and beverage establishment, which can be in multi-story buildings and may not have an elevator
      • Able to carry approximately 20 pounds of computer equipment and other work supplies over a variety of possibly uneven surfaces, up and down stairs or inclines, for distances typically under 100 yards
      • Additional assignments in hotel/convention center-type venues


      • Salary, travel expenses/per diem, incentives, free life/ad+d, short and long term disability, 401(k) with employer match after eligibility requirements, options of vol. medical, dental, vision, accident, critical illness, vol life/ad+d, flexible spending, paid time off, paid holidays, service awards

      To express interest in this position, please submit professional and Moose resumes along with a cover letter answering the following questions:

      1. Why are you interested in this position?
      2. What contribution will you be able to make to The Moose if hired in this position?

      Ideal applicants: Have a college degree in business or accounting, or related professional experience including management. Must be able to work without direct supervision and be goal orientated; able to provide own transportation (miles driven are subject to reimbursement), and be able to stay-away from home on overnight trips. Good communication skills, including the use of email, telephone, and written word – which will include preparing reports with sentence and paragraph structure. Use of Word, Excel, Power Point, and working knowledge of QuickBooks are desirable.


      Submit to: Dave Smoot

      Assistant Director - Field Operations

      e-mail: dsmoot@mooseintl.org

  • Training Manager



      • Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, the Training Manager will oversee all activities of the Moose education and training program, and update and maintain both instructor-led and web-based training solutions for Moose Fraternal Units, volunteers and Moose International staff. The Training Manager will collaborate with internal and external subject matter experts, including headquarters staff, field staff, volunteer trainers, Association representatives and others, to validate training needs and ensure consistent delivery of training solutions in the field.


      • Updates and maintains both instructor-led and web-based Moose training programs and systems to keep information current and relevant.
      • Coordinates all logistical support for training programs. Support may include material development and delivery, volunteer coordination, scheduling of programs, notification of attendees, internal billing chargebacks, and facility liaison/support (as necessary). Ensures all pre- and post-program activities are handled in a timely manner.
      • Maintains constant communication with both training volunteers and Territory/Regional Managers via phone and email to monitor progress throughout the year and recommend changes to improve local performance.
      • Closely reviews training materials to ensure quality and applicability. Will update training-related content on internet pages and handle other project related work, as assigned.
      • In conjunction with Moose Catalog Sales, monitors inventory of training materials and supplies to meet training program needs. Prepares and/or re-orders additional materials and supplies, as needed.
      • Answers participant and trainer questions regarding training programs (e.g., training mandates and credit, enrollment, training materials, usage of on-line modules and tests, etc.)
      • Assists in identifying outside resources, as needed. May assist in negotiating pricing terms regarding training materials and technical services. Works with vendors to handle all logistics-related needs.
      • In conjunction with Territory Managers, organizes training and material receipt for new volunteer trainers in the field.
      • Oversees and coordinates activities of Moose headquarters administrative staff in regards to assistance with training programs and support.
      • Provides training support and solutions as necessary for Moose International staff and volunteers.
      • Develops printed and electronic materials for use at meetings and programs that support the training initiatives of the Fraternity.
      • Creates and delivers training presentations, as needed.
      • Completes other duties and responsibilities, as assigned.


      • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience, or Associate's degree with 2-4 years of related experience.
      • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with all levels of the organization, in addition to solid written and oral communication skills.
      • Proficient with MS-Office Suite products, particularly PowerPoint, Excel and MS-Word.
      • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
      • Self-motivated and results-oriented.


      • Familiarity with current training and development software programs and processes such as Storyline, Captivate, or other web-based authoring tools.
      • Prior experience and adequate knowledge of learning management systems and web delivery tools strongly preferred.
      • Experience with QuickBooks software.
      • Experience recruiting and training volunteers.
      • Knowledge of Moose laws, policies and procedures.
      • Ability to persuade others, gain cooperation, and influence outcomes as well as foster commitment and team spirit.
      • Adaptable to new information and ideas, changing conditions, unexpected obstacles and different leadership styles.


      • Minimal travel is anticipated for this position, although the employee may be required to attend various meetings of the Fraternity throughout the year, as needed.

      To express interest in this position, please submit resume with applicable qualifications.


      Submit to: Barb Irving

      Director of Human Resources

      e-mail: birving@mooseintl.org