Moose 25 Club

The Moose 25 Club program was established to provide an incentive for members to sponsor their family and friends into the fraternity. Sponsor incentives are given for annual and short-term campaigns, but the Moose 25 Club is over your lifetime of being a Moose. Once you sponsor your 25th member into the Fraternity, regardless of how long it is between the first time you sponsor a member to your 25th, you automatically advance to the Moose 25 Club. Each new Moose 25 Club member is assigned a roll number, which is unique to them. This roll number is added to the certificate and pocket card provided to the new Moose 25 Club member. Historically, each new Moose 25 Club member has received a lapel pin/charm depicting the Moose 25 Club logo.

Advancement within the Moose 25 Club program is in increments of 25 up to the 200 level. The increments are then every 50. Congratulatory letters are provided to the sponsor at each level. Extra incentive awards are given out at various levels. A lodge life membership has been given at the 250 level; a jewelry box has been given at the 750 level; and a Moose 25 Club watch was awarded at the 1,000 level. Beginning with the 500 level, a Moose 25 Club ring has been offered and at each 100 increment, a diamond was added. As with other programs, however, changes to awards and award levels can vary depending upon the current programs offered at Moose International.

At the International Moose Convention, members of the Moose 25 Club are invited to a special event. In order to receive an invitation, a member of the Moose 25 Club must sponsor 5 members during the current annual campaign (May-April). The only exceptions to this requirement are: A) advance to the Moose 25 Club during the current year (signing 5 is waived this first year); and B) a complimentary invitation is given each year to all members once they advance to the 300 division of the Moose 25 Club.

Associations throughout the Fraternity also have Moose 25 Club events at their Annual or Mid-Year conferences. For these parties, typically the same requirements are used for their invitations.