Moose Legion Messages

March Message from Charles Barber

The Moose Legion Code of Rules specifies the following:

24.4 “Celebrations SHALL be held at LEAST four (4) times a year, on a quarterly basis.”

Quarterly Jurisdiction wide Celebration remain the preferred vehicle for conferring new members and providing an opportunity for our long standing members to gather as a whole.

Why is this Quarterly meeting so important? First it is your opportunity to make a good first impression on your new members as well as providing a continuing source of pride in the Moose Legion for our long time members as well as an opportunity to engage in fund raising activities that are not available otherwise. In addition, planning and promoting these celebrations for your entire Jurisdiction, and ensuring that all members are aware of the date, location and planned activities can actually help in your retention efforts. Members who don’t see much activity are less likely to renew their dues than members who are informed and actively involved.

Celebration is defined as: “The action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social activity.”

Since these celebrations occur quarterly it provides the Jurisdictions Directors and committees 3 months in which to plan an enjoyable, memorable and fun event.

In conclusion, please take some time to plan and promote your quarterly celebrations, directors please read through the Code of Rules and find what your duties are in planning, promoting and presenting enjoyable and memorable CELEBRATIONS.


Charles Barber IMLVP

February Message from Dan Gooch

As many of you know, I worked for DuPont my entire career, and safety was very important to all. This year as Moose Legion President I chose to fund a Tree Chipper on the Mooseheart campus at a cost of $40.000. It was important to know that our children and staff who work on the campus are living and working in a safe environment.

The tree chipper project was fully funded by Mid October 2022. I decided to add to my project. Keeping safety in mind, I chose two fire hydrants on the Mooseheart campus at another $40,000. These two new fire hydrants will also protect the children and the staff at Mooseheart.

I would like to thank everyone that has already made a donation. If you have not, Please consider making a donation NOW! We are well into the second half of my Project, but only have 3 short months to complete it.

Let’s “Make it Happen.” Why? “Because We Care.”

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President

January Message from Dan Gooch

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023.

January has been set aside as “Moose Legion Honor Month.” This is a time to celebrate everything Moose Legion. It is a time to acknowledge those Men that have taken the “Next Step in Fraternalism,” whether they were just conferred, or have been elevated to be Fellows or Pilgrims. We all took that first step by joining the Moose Legion.

Moose Legionnaires are known for their “Get-R-Done” attitude. Never asking for recognition, just wanting to “Make it Happen.” As Past International Moose Legion President Bruce Berger always said, “They are the movers and shakers of the Moose.”

Hopefully, every Lodge acknowledges the importance of the Moose Legion, but especially in January:

  • Possibly have a dinner, free if you are a Moose Legionnaire. Set the table with cloth table cover and real silverware and plates just for Moose Legionnaires.
  • Hold a Special Conferral in honor of your “Moose Legionnaire of the Year.”
  • Present awards that may have been earned, things like the Key Club, Medals of Honor and Elite Rings.

Other men of the lodge may ask, “What makes the Moose Legion so special?” Wherever and whatever the need, Moose Legionnaires are actively involved. This is a great opportunity to promote the Moose Legion.

There are many ways to say “Thank You” to those dedicated men of the Moose Legion.

Let’s “Make it Happen.” Why? “Because We Care.”

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President

December Message from Dan Gooch

Our Moose Legion Conference in Jacksonville, Florida was greeted by Hurricane “Nicole.” Once the rains and winds subsided, the sun came out and we enjoyed a beautiful weekend. We had some informal presentations during the day on Friday. That was followed by a fun evening. Saturday brought us to Moosehaven for their Annual Chili Cook-Off. A visit from NASCAR Driver and Moose member Ross Chastain rounded out our day on Campus. Saturday evening, we celebrated our veterans with an Honor Guard from Jacksonville Naval Air Station presenting the Colors to open the evening. Dinner and a program followed which was highlighted with the ritual results.

Congratulations go out to the Tar Heel Moose Legion team as our new “Champions.” After they were announced, “Grumpy” proclaimed that “ALL that competed were Champions.” What about the “ritual widows and helpers?” They too are “Champions.” They act as coaches, word judges, and other tasks to help their team achieve great heights in the Ritual Program. What about the Ritual Judging Team?  They are Champions for their tireless effort to see that the “Next Step in Fraternalism” is presented with enthusiasm. Hopefully you can see where I am going with this. Grumpy’s statement made me think about the other Moose Legionnaires that were in attendance. We are ALL “Champions” for what we do for this great fraternity we call the Moose. Moose Legionnaires represented their jurisdictions, listened, asked questions, shared ideas, and generated enthusiasm for our program. They took notes to take back information to their jurisdictions. A special thank you to the “Champions” of Seminole Moose Legion for being our hosts!

Let’s all continue being Champions as this calendar year comes to a close. Keep on working to promote the Moose Legion and everything we stand for so that we will finish our fiscal year in a positive position.

Enjoy your holidays! Let’s “Make it Happen.” Why? “Because We Care.”

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President

October Message from Dan Gooch

As we approach the halfway point of our fiscal year at the end of this month, we see an increase in active membership. This is great to see, but can we do better? Yes we can! While we are signing members at a fantastic rate, we need to work on our retention efforts. You may say we only need to worry about that in April. Not so – we need to think retention the day we sign someone into the Moose Legion. Every day is the day to make those calls or have personal contacts. Continue to keep that Moose Legionnaire interested and involved. Give them a reason to keep up their membership. Listen to THEIR ideas. Let them help. They say, “Never turn a volunteer down.” Put them on a committee, ask them to help with a fundraising project, anything to keep them interested. Any Moose Legionnaire can help. Get a list from your jurisdiction Secretary and start making calls. I am sure he would appreciate your help. “Let’s Make It Happen, Because We Care.”

Hope to see everyone in Jacksonville for a fun-filled weekend!

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President