2019-20 Supreme Council Lodge Grant Program

The Supreme Council has extended the Lodge Grant program one additional year in order to assist more lodges throughout the Fraternity. Application dates for the 2019-20 Lodge Grant Program will begin on Monday, July 8th, 2019 and close on Friday, August 9th, 2019. This year, the projected time frame for announcing the next $1,000,000 cumulative grant award recipients is early September.

Please read the following information in order to improve your lodge’s chances for securing a Supreme Council Lodge Grant:

  • Attendance at the 2019 International Moose Convention is still required. At least one member representing the lodge needs to be scanned into an official meeting of the Order in Las Vegas for the lodge to qualify for grant consideration.
  • Lodges can begin applying on July 8th, with the final date for submitting an application being the close of business on August 9th. No extensions will be granted. The process will be the same as last year, with the application appearing on July 8th within the lodge’s Moose Admin section.
  • All lodges will have access to the application; however, those lodges not represented at the 2019 International Moose Convention in Las Vegas will be eliminated following the meeting.
  • Grants will be dispersed in quantities between $500 and $25,000.
  • Funds are to be used to repair, replace or upgrade current equipment and facilities which will make the Lodge more appealing/functional to current and future members. (i.e. – replacement of a water heater; roof repairs; new seating for the social quarters; replacement of worn carpeting; new signage; installation of a POS system; parking lot repair, etc.) Funds will not be granted to pay taxes, loans, past bills, or other financial obligations of the Lodge. Repairs and upgrades cannot be retroactive.
  • For 2019-20, if the delegates in Las Vegas pass the proposed amendment to restrict smoking within all lodge homes, then lodges may request funds to create areas or structures to accommodate members who smoke. Further, lodges may also request funds for cleaning or material replacement costs (ceiling tiles, paint, carpeting, etc.) as they transition from smoking to non-smoking within the lodge. If the amendment does not pass, then grants for smoking structures or areas will not be awarded. If a lodge voluntarily decides to eliminate smoking within the lodge, then the lodge may still apply for cleaning and replacement costs.
  • These are not loans – there is no monetary payback required. The Lodge will be required to sign a statement if a grant is awarded, however, pledging to become more Fraternal by following the tenets set forth by Moose International regarding Lodge activities, fraternal giving and Heart of the Community activities.
  • Whenever possible, always submit specific bids for each of the projects listed on your application. Attach the bid to your proposal if possible, but if you cannot, you must still list specific costs from the bid within the application. If selected, you will be required to supply the bid upon which the application was based. It is highly unlikely that you will be funded if you submit estimated costs with no justification.
  • Have some skin in the game. Very few lodges will receive the capped amount of $25,000 as the Supreme Council seeks to help as many lodges as possible throughout the Fraternity. If you do submit a request for $25,000, or for any amount for that matter, please note how your lodge has – or is going to – contribute to the project either financially or through volunteer labor. If your project costs exceed the $25,000 cap, you are more likely to be considered if you indicate whether partial funding of the project through a grant will allow you to move forward, with additional funding coming from the lodge or other sources.
  • If you list several projects on your application, always identify specific costs for each project and the order of importance to which you attribute each project on your list. Many of the awards during the last four years were for one or more specific projects listed within a single grant request.
  • Size of the lodge makes little difference as long as you can show that you operate as a true fraternal unit. Grants have been approved for lodges ranging from 50 members to 2,500 members, but not for any that currently operate as little more than a bar.
  • Your fraternal record is taken into account when considering grants, including membership trends; contributions through Moose Charities; MI accounts receivable trends; Heart of the Community activity, etc.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Territory Manager, the Regional Manager, Moose International staff, and the Supreme Council. Applications may be denied at any time during this process based on the request of the field staff or fraternal history of the Lodge.
  • Make sure your Territory Manager or Regional Manager thoroughly understands the projects for which you are requesting funds and how completion of the projects will enhance the lodge. The Field Staff will be making the first recommendations for grant awards.
  • All proceeds granted by the Supreme Council will be forwarded directly to the vendor. The lodge must approve the work that was done and forward the invoice to Moose International. Moose International will also pay deposits on projects when requests for payment are submitted with a proper proposal/quote.
  • If awarded a grant, you must read the instructions sent to you and follow the guidelines; otherwise no payments will be made for your projects.
  • A follow-up report, including before and after photographs, is required for all projects.
    Finally, don’t wait until the last minute to submit your application.  While it has no bearing on whether you are approved for a grant or not, issues in regards to completing the application caused much distress among those who waited.

Questions may be directed to Kurt Wiebe, CMO or Brian Schimek in the Membership Department; Phone – (630) 966-2226;   Email – kwiebe@mooseintl.org or bschimek@mooseintl.org.