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Moose Board of Directors Extends Moose Rewards Program

The Moose Rewards program has been extended indefinitely following the recent Moose International Board of Directors’ Meeting in February. The program, established in 2015 for an initial five-year period, had been extended until April 30, 2024 by a Board vote several years ago. The recent Board action eliminates any end date, although the Board has the ability to terminate the program should it ever fail to provide a benefit to the Fraternity.

Through the Moose Rewards program, all active members have the opportunity to earn points for doing activities to help the Fraternity grow stronger; then redeem those points for items such as lodge dues, convention registrations, catalog sales merchandise, donations through Moose Charities, and even Moose cruise fees.

Moose members may go to mooserewards.org for complete information about the program.


For additional information on any of these tournaments, or if your lodge would be interested in hosting a future tournament, please contact:

Activities Department
Mooseheart, IL 60539-1172

2024 Blessing of the Bikes

The 20th Annual Blessing of the Bikes will take place on Saturday, May 18th, 2024. Advanced registration for this event is preferred!

Advanced Registration – $20.00 per bike
Registration on May 20th – $30.00 per bike

For more information about the event and to register online today, visit the Moose Charities website.

New 2024 Race Schedule Released

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Trackhouse Racing announced today that the Moose Fraternity will serve as a primary partner on the No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Ross Chastain for four races in both the 2024 and 2025 NASCAR Cup Series seasons.

This year marks the fifth Cup Series season the Fraternity has paired with Chastain on the track while using the 30-year-old, Alva, Florida native in membership and charity initiatives away from the track.

“It has been so fun to have a continued relationship with the Moose Fraternity,” said Chastain who is a member of Tice and Shores, Florida, Lodge 1287.

“Several of the members have become like family which is unique when it comes to a partnership. Not only do I have the opportunity to meet members but it’s fun to talk to people about becoming a member of the fraternity. It’s a passionate group that cares about their community and making it a better place.”

“We really appreciate the relationships we have built with Ross and the Trackhouse Racing family these past few years and are thrilled to continue this journey together through 2025. Having Ross as a member and ambassador for the Moose Fraternity is phenomenal. Just like on the track, when he puts on the Moose hat, you can expect the unexpected to happen,” said Moose International CEO Scott Hart.

The Moose Chevrolet was at the center of perhaps one of the most dramatic moments in recent NASCAR history. In October 2022, the penultimate race of the season, Chastain rode the Martinsville Speedway walls on the final two corners to pass three cars and gain entry into the Championship 4 season finale the next weekend at Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona.

The maneuver nicknamed the “Hail Melon” drew global praise and recognition as the video eclipsed more than 225 million views and the event garnered 1.2B impressions.

The No. 1 Moose Fraternity Chevrolet was the top-selling diecast in 2022 according to Lionel Racing.

Trackhouse and Chastain will continue to amplify the message of the Moose Fraternity to race fans through social media content and select events at lodges around the country in 2024 and 2025.

2024 International Moose Convention | New Orleans

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Join us in New Orleans for the 2024 International Moose Convention from July 24th-27th, 2024!

New Orleans was named the #3 Top Destination for City Lovers in the United States in 2022. But Moose members already knew that. The Big Easy is one of our favorite convention destinations – a vivid nightlife, world-class dining, jazz, and all that history. New Orleans has something for everyone. From a stroll through the French Quarter to a unique visit to a haunted cemetery, you can find it here. Join your Moose brethren when we return in July 2024 and start our own adventure.

Youth Awareness

For more than 25 years, we have organized high school students into a highly effective speakers’ bureau with the goal of educating preschool and elementary school-aged children on a variety of topics, including drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, “stranger danger,” bullying and peer pressure, and healthy habits and nutrition.

Through Moose KidsTalks presentations, participants in the program have reached an audience more than 750,000 children throughout North America. Students also have a chance to compete for $30,000 in college scholarship money that is awarded annually through this program.

For more information about how youth can participate and for the Association Youth Awareness Congress Schedule and lists of Loyal Order of Moose & Women of the Moose Youth Awareness Coordinators, please visit our Forms/Documents section.

Lodge Grant Programs

Applications for the Lodge Grant Program and the Local Marketing Grant Program will both open on Monday, July 3rd. The application can only be found on the dropdown menus on LCL web, which can be accessed by the lodge administrator. The Lodge Grant applications closed on Friday, August 11th. The Local Marketing Grant applications will stay open until April 30, 2024 or until the funds run out, whichever comes sooner.

The Moose International Board of Directors has approved $1,000,000 in funds for the Lodge Grant program and $500,000 for Local Marketing Grants. Lodge Grants are intended to provide funds for lodge improvements to make the home more inviting for new and existing members. Grants in this program can reach up to $25,000 per approved lodge. The Local Marketing Grant Program offers lodges up to $3,000 in grant money to promote themselves within the communities in which they operate.

Requirements for lodges to apply to either grant program:

  • As in the past, lodges must have at least one representative scanned into the International Moose Convention in Reno to qualify.
  • ***NOTE: For 2023 only, attendance at the lodge’s Association Midyear Conference and the International Moose Convention in Reno are required.
  • Starting in 2024, lodges must have at least one representative at their Association’s Midyear Conference AND at the Association’s Annual Meeting in addition to attendance at the 2024 International Moose Convention in New Orleans.
  • Guidelines for both programs are attached below. Please read through both to improve your chances of attaining a grant for your lodge.

2023-2024 Local Marketing Grant Guidelines
2023-2024 Lodge Grant – Closed

Moose Members “Made It Happen”

Moose Fraternity Shows Gain in Membership for Second Straight Year

Twice is nice. For the second consecutive year, the Moose Fraternity has increased its membership total, this time gaining over four times the number of members that it increased by last year. The Moose finished the year at 875,322 members compared to 852,356 at the end of the last fiscal year – an increase of 22,966 members. In 2021-22, The Moose showed an increase of 5,120 members.

“It was a remarkable effort by all of our members this year,” according to Moose International Director of Membership Mike Rios. “What’s most impressive is that while we enhanced our recruiting numbers slightly over last year, the biggest reason our membership increased is that our retention efforts improved. That means as a Fraternity, we did a much better job making our members feel comfortable in our lodge homes and communicating our missions.”

Moose members recruited 167,158 individuals into The Moose in 2022-23. Last year, the recruiting total hit 163,703 members. The 3,455 increase only partly explained the nearly 23,000-member gain, with the rest coming from improved retention efforts.

“Our Board of Directors clearly understood the momentum we had created last year and doubled-down on some very important programs,” said Moose International CEO Scott Hart. “They continued funding our Lodge and Local Marketing grant programs; encouraged and supported the inclusion of women in lodge, association, and national management positions; embraced our successful sponsorship of NASCAR driver Ross Chastain; and visibly communicated a message of inclusion throughout the Fraternity.”

The Women of the Moose impressed with an increase of over 1,000 new members compared to last year, leading to an overall gain in membership of just under 3,000 members. The WOTM ended the year at 350,182 members compared to 347,260 in 2021-22.

For the second straight year, the Moose Legion also gained in membership, undoubtedly holding true to the mission of: “Having fun while providing greater service to the Moose Fraternity.” Year-over-year, Moose Legion membership increased by 624 members, finishing the 2022-23 fiscal year at 53,169 members.

Annual Membership Campaign

Membership campaigns are created and implemented by the Membership Department at Moose International. Annual Membership Campaigns typically run from May 1 to April 30 and have a unique theme each year.

This year’s Annual Membership Campaign is “Proud Past, Bright Future” which runs from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024. We are proud of the history of this great Fraternity. While keeping our past successes in mind, we look forward to the bright future with like-minded members who continue to play an important role in their local communities and supporting Mooseheart and Moosehaven for years to come. Working together, our future is bright!

Campaign ads to use in your Lodge/Chapter newsletter can be found in our Forms/Documents section.

Paperless Billing Now Available

It’s time for the Moose Fraternity to start using less paper and help to protect the natural habitat of our namesake – The Moose!

Utilizing the technology right at your fingertips, you can start receiving your membership dues notice electronically either by simple text message or in an email.

Once you opt-in to text messaging or an email notice, you’ll be just a simple tap or click away from the Moose International renewal page and paying your dues by credit card in a matter of minutes.

Stay better connected to The Moose Fraternity; get your dues notice electronically and know that you’re helping us all be better stewards of our natural resources.

Click here to opt-in to begin receiving electronic dues notices in the future.

If you need any assistance, our Member Services staff is ready to assist you Monday – Friday from 7am – 4:30pm (CT). Just call us at (630) 906-3658 or email our Help Desk.