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Local Lodge Marketing Grant Program Applications Available

The Moose International Board of Directors has committed $500,000 in grant money to help lodges market themselves locally through community events and public gatherings, such as festivals, minor league ball games, and local races. Funds may also be used to place local advertising or engage in team or event sponsorships. Generally, lodges’ promotional efforts will be limited only by their own creativity.

The program is designed to help raise the profile of our Moose lodges locally and to assist our units in signing new members who may be unfamiliar with the Fraternity.

Grant applications will appear in the Forms section of LCL.web. There is no current deadline to apply as funds will remain available until depleted or the fiscal year ends; however, attendance is required at this year’s International Moose Convention in Cincinnati to receive funding through this program. Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and approved lodges will receive a check from Moose International that will be used to pay for expenses outlined on the completed form.

Grants are available in amounts up to $3,000 per lodge. Funds can be used for promotion at an event in the form of a sponsored “Moose Night,” announcements at the event, ads in programs, signage; or separately, radio, newspaper, billboards or online advertisements. As part of the program, Moose International can provide artwork for display materials and signs, along with brochures and other handout materials that will help lodges raise their profiles locally.

It is also anticipated that lodges may work together on combined marketing activities meant to raise the profile of all fraternal units within a region.

NOTE: It is imperative that lodges which are considering applying for the grant read the Program Guidelines carefully before filling out the application to increase their chances of receiving funds.

Moose partners with Ross Chastain to chase NASCAR success

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The Moose will once again partner with NASCAR driver Ross Chastain and the Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) team to help promote the Fraternity throughout North America. Chastain, who flashed the Moose Fraternity logo during three NASCAR Xfinity Series races and one Cup Series race last year, has moved to the Cup Series full-time in 2021 as he races the CGR No. 42 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE for the entire season.

The Moose will be the primary sponsor for four races during the current season, and an Associate Sponsor for a minimum of 18 additional races throughout the year. Further, the Moose will have a personal services agreement with Chastain, a member of Tice and the Shores Florida Moose Lodge 1297, for the entire season.

“Last year, the races we participated in averaged between 1,000,000-3,000,000 viewers each, and along with additional marketing with NASCAR online, we were able to at least triple the traffic on our website and social media sites,” Director General Scott Hart stated. “This was all done within a very short time frame in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, so as our lodges get back in business, we expect an even bigger impact in 2021.”

Members can root for Ross all season long, but especially during those races when the Moose is the primary car sponsor. Those races include the Drydene 400 at the Dover International Speedway on May 16; the FireKeepers Casino 400 at the Michigan International Speedway on August 22; the Federated Auto Parts 400 at the Richmond Raceway on September 11; and the Bass Pro Shops Night Race at the Bristol Motor Speedway on September 18. The last two races are part of the playoffs at the end of the NASCAR season, promising even larger audiences for the Moose.

Annual Membership Campaign

Membership campaigns are created and implemented by the Membership Department at Moose International. Annual Membership Campaigns typically run from May 1 to April 30 and have a unique theme each year.

This year’s Annual Membership Campaign is “Stronger Together,” which runs from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022. What has been over 100 years in the making is about to become a reality in — The Moose. A Fraternity that is unified, equal and Stronger Together. On May 1, we enter a new chapter in the Moose Fraternity and we become a single voice in supporting our missions of helping children in need, senior members and the communities in which we live. Our lodges now have the opportunity to have the best people serve as officers and committee people, regardless of gender, opening the way for new ideas and a brighter future.

The future of our Fraternity is bright, because of members like you, that understand the need for us to serve our communities, our Mooseheart children and Moosehaven seniors as one Moose, Stronger Together.

Campaign ads to use in your Lodge/Chapter newsletter can be found in our Forms/Documents section.

One Moose a Reality

During the 132nd Meeting of the Supreme Lodge, delegates voted favorably to pass a set of General Law Amendments that would essentially create a new and unified Moose membership where all members, male and female, would have equal opportunities, rights and privileges within the Lodge. Nearly, 77% of the delegates voted in favor of moving to a unified Moose membership, easily surpassing the 67% majority necessary for adoption.

For a brief rundown, check out this handy FAQ Sheet that we have put together.

The changes are scheduled to go into effect on May 1, 2021 and will impact the membership in the following ways:

For the Supreme Lodge:

  • The “Supreme Lodge” and any references to “the Order” will now be referred to as “The Moose.”
  • There will be individual title changes for what was previously referred to as the “Supreme Council;” now the Board of Directors. Women will be allowed to serve on the Board beginning May 1, 2021, however, no terminology change will be necessary to make this happen.
  • The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than nine (9) or more than thirteen (13) members, including the following five (5) officers, who shall serve on the Moose International, Inc. Board of Directors during the terms of their respective offices: The Chief Executive Officer (Director General); the Junior Past Chairman of the Board of Directors (Jr. Past Supreme Governor); the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Supreme Governor); the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors (Supreme Jr. Governor); and a Director/Chaplain (Prelate).
  • “The Moose” shall be composed of Past Chairmen of the Board of Directors; members of the Moose International, Inc. Board of Directors; officers of The Moose; committeemen of The Moose; Past Lodge Presidents; Past Senior Regents (having received the honor prior to May 1, 2021); and representatives of the member Lodges. Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote, and except as otherwise defined herein, the majority shall rule.
  • No changes at this time to the men’s or women’s higher degrees.

For Associations:

  • The ability to incorporate chapters into an Association is no longer applicable as this function is no longer needed in the “One Moose” Lodge structure. All Moose Lodges (as well as the entirety of their membership) will automatically be members of their local Associations.

For the Lodge:

  • Women will become members of the Lodge automatically on May 1, 2021.  Women may become elected to the Board of Officers beginning May 1, 2022; however, qualified women may be eligible or appointed to open positions on the Board or to committees beginning May 1, 2021.
  • Individual title changes will occur for the lodge officers, including “President” for Governor; “Vice President” for Junior Governor; “Chaplain” for Prelate and “Past Lodge President” for Past Lodge Governor.  Any member, man or woman, may serve in the new positions as long as they are a member of either the Moose Legion or the newly structured Women of the Moose, or join within 60 days,
  • All previous honors will transition seamlessly to the new integrated Moose. i.e. Any member receiving the honor of Past Lodge Governor shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of any Past Lodge President of The Moose.
  • The revised Laws for Moose Social Quarters and Homes (Section IV) eliminates the House Committee; those duties will now be performed by the Lodge’s Board of Officers.
  • An Executive Session has been added to every Board of Officer’s meeting, if necessary, to discuss confidential topics (i.e. personnel matters, legal matters, etc.), including issues previously handled by the House Committee.
  • The minimum proposed dues amount for the Lodge will be $38, although Lodges have the option to set higher dues amounts.

For the Chapter:

  • The Women of the Moose will be structured similarly as the Moose Legion; as an affiliated unit of the new Moose lodge.
  • The WOTM will maintain all honors, charitable focus, lower dues and influence.
  • Chapters will retain their current assets, without turning monies over to the Lodge.
  • The minimum proposed dues amount for the chapter is $15, although Chapter dues are waived for the first three years of the transition to the One Moose lodge structure.
  • Stand Alone Chapters will need to be chartered as a new Moose Lodge although the current WOTM Chapter will still exist.
  • Similar to the Moose Legion, women have the option of joining the Lodge without having to join the Chapter.

Additional information regarding the changes to occur May 1, 2021 will be distributed in the coming months to aid in the transition.

Moose “Heart of the Community” Scholarship Program

The R. Robert Dale Scholarship program has been modified and renamed as the new “Heart of the Community Scholarship Program,” because R. Robert Dale funds were expended years ago, and the program is now being supported solely by the Moose Fraternity. We believe this more accurately reflects the fraternity’s commitment to supporting youth in the community. Read about more specific program changes here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Brian Schimek either by E-Mail or at 630-966-2257.


For additional information on any of these tournaments, or if your lodge would be interested in hosting a future tournament, please contact:

Activities Department
Mooseheart, IL 60539-1172

Moose International Disaster Relief Fund

The Fund will assist lodges impacted by natural disasters in the form of property damage and loss of business due to temporary closure.

The following guidelines apply:

The Moose Disaster Relief Fund (MDRF) addresses emergency situations that have received an official disaster declaration by either the state/province or the President or Prime Minister. Funds can be used to restore property, pay urgent expenses, reimburse deductibles or fund other items as approved by the MDRF Committee due to loss of business during closure. Examples of natural disasters include, but are not limited to: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, etc.

The MDRF Committee shall be comprised of the Director General, Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel, Chief Marketing Officer and the Director of Membership.

To be eligible for assistance from the MDRF, Fraternal Units must meet the following requirements:

  • Lodge or Chapter must be in good standing with its Association and Moose International;
  • The Lodge must be covered by an active insurance policy and current with its property and liability payments;
  • The Lodge or Chapter must have incurred loss or damage due solely to a natural disaster and not from damage or deterioration caused by gradual processes such as decay, pollution or erosion, etc. or actions by an individual or object unrelated to a natural disaster;
  • The Lodge or Chapter must submit a MDRF application for financial assistance.

Relief requests will be considered up to $10,000 per incident. Insurance coverage and other local/regional relief fund distributions to the Lodge or Chapter will be considered before any MDRF funds are granted.

Funds may be used to cover insurance deductibles; expenses for which immediate payment is due; funds to cover expenses if business is interrupted; funds to conduct events that have already been scheduled; or rent expense to meet away from the lodge, if closed due to disaster.

The Committee may also approve additional disaster-related expenses at its discretion.

Relief funds are positioned as grants to the Lodge or Chapter, therefore no repayment is required.

No individual member requests for assistance will be accepted.

The Lodge or Chapter has 60 days from the date of the disaster to apply for a MDRF distribution, although the Committee may consider applications filed after 60 days in some unique cases. For ongoing disasters (i.e. wildfires, etc.) the filing should occur within 60 days after the point when damage is assessable.

Individual, Fraternal Unit and Association contributions to the MDRF will not be accepted. (However, Individual, FRU or Association contributions for a specific incident may still be made directly to a FRU which has been impacted by a natural disaster)

To apply for MDRF assistance, please provide:

  • The MDRF application, which must be completed in its entirety.
  • A written description of how the disaster impacted the Lodge or Chapter and for what expenses the requested funds will be used.
  • The name and address of your insurance company and deductible amount must be included. A written assessment from the insurance company and estimate for any repairs should be included if available.
  • Digital photos documenting the damage that occurred for which you are asking assistance should be submitted as noted on the application.
  • Copies of specific bills or expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement, if available.
  • Information on where to forward approved relief funds.
  • A recommendation for assistance from your Territory Manager.
  • The signature of the Administrator or Recorder and one other officer of the Lodge or Chapter.

Questions regarding the MDRF can be forwarded to; faxed to 630-966-2251; or call 630-966-2226.

Moose Rewards Program

Moose Rewards

Moose Rewards Program FAQs | Log in to My Membership Record | View Reward Points

About the Moose Rewards Program:

It’s simple, you can earn points for sponsoring members, attending meetings, holding office, or just renewing your dues. Every member has an opportunity to participate and your points are awarded automatically without any paperwork or submissions.

Here’s what you earn for each activity:

  • Sponsor your FIRST ever new or re-enrolled member into the LOOM or WOTM – 6,000 points
  • Sponsor a new or re-enrolled member into the LOOM or WOTM – 600 points
  • Sponsor your FIRST ever new or re-enrolled member into the Moose Legion – 1,000 points
  • Sponsor a new or re-enrolled member into the Moose Legion – 250 points
  • Renew your Lodge or Chapter dues – 250 points
  • Renew your Lodge or Chapter Dues (year 1 to year 2) – 1,000 points
  • Renew your Moose Legion dues – 150 points
  • Renew your Moose Legion dues (year 1 to year 2) – 600 points
  • Pay dues multiple years in advance – 1,000 points
  • Become a Life Member – 1,000 points
  • Join the Moose Legion – 250 points
  • Become a Life Member of the Moose Legion – 600 points
  • Qualify for the 25 Club – 1,000 points
  • Attain the next division(s) within the 25 Club – 250 points
  • Attain a higher degree of the Order – 1,000 points
  • Members you sponsor renew their dues (year 1 to year 2) – 1,000 points
  • Members you sponsor renew their dues (year 2+) – 600 points
  • Members you sponsor renew their Moose Legion dues – 250 points
  • Attend an International Moose Convention – 1,000 points
  • Attend an instructor-led, live training session – 1,000 points
  • Complete an online training program – 600 points
  • Hold an elected office in your Lodge or Chapter* – 8,000 points
  • Hold an elected office on your Association Executive Board* – 600 points
  • Hold an elected office in the Moose Legion* – 1,000 points
  • Attend the Moose Texas Hold ‘Em tournament or future select programs – 250 points

*At least 10 months in office and still in the position on April 30th

Here’s how many points are needed to redeem for:

  • Annual LOOM dues for Lodges with dues between $34-$50 – 22,500 points
  • Annual LOOM dues for Lodges with dues between $51-$100 – 30,000 points
  • Annual WOTM dues – 12,500 points
  • Annual Moose Legion dues – 9,000 points
  • Registration for the International Moose Convention – 30,000 points
  • Contributions to Mooseheart & Moosehaven through Moose Charities* – 8,000 points
  • Moose gift store merchandise* – 8,000 points
  • Entry into the Texas Hold ‘Em tournament – 420,000 points
  • Moose cruise fees – 726,400 points

*Represents the number of points for every $10 contributed or available for purchase

All program access is online:

Simply visit the My Membership Record section of the Moose website and your Rewards Record will be contained in your individual section. If you have visited before, simply log in. If you have not, follow the instructions to establish a user profile. You can keep track of your points and redeem them by revisiting this area. To redeem points, you must also provide a valid email address.

The program’s official start date is May 1, 2015 and is scheduled to conclude on April 30, 2022. All activities conducted from the start date through conclusion will be counted towards points earned. No activities prior to the start date will be awarded points as previous programs and awards were in place to reward activity. Points are non-transferable. Moose International reserves the right to alter the program at any time.

For promotional materials and more information, including the Official Terms & Conditions, please visit the Membership section on the Forms & Documents page.