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Registrants for the in-person convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be able to apply for refunds beginning on Wednesday, April 29th through our Convention Refund site.

You will need your name, Moose member ID number, and the lodge or chapter number for which you registered to enter the refund site. Once entered, all of the events for which you pre-registered, including your basic convention registration, will be listed along with the amount you paid. At this point you will have the option to do one of three things:

  • Donate your entire registration and event fee total to Moose Charities
  • Request all registration and event fees be refunded to the purchaser of record
  • Split the amount between a donation to Moose Charities and a refund back to the purchaser of record

All donations to Moose Charities through this portal will be included on your member giving record and are tax deductible. Note, that a special provision is in place for 2020 that allows for up to $300 in charitable giving for individuals to claim on their U.S. tax forms, even if they do not itemize expenses.

Refunds will be returned in the same manner in which payments were received. If you paid by credit card, the amount you requested back will be credited to the card you used. If you paid by check, the refund amount that you requested will be sent by check to the address on file.

If you used Moose Rewards Points for your convention registration fees, those points have already been credited back into your account. If you paid additional fees for attending convention events, you will follow the same steps outlined above.