2020 International Moose Convention | Milwaukee

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Due to concerns over the health and safety of our members related to the coronavirus, the Supreme Council today announced the cancellation of the in-person 2020 International Moose Convention, slated to take place May 21-26 in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Many Moose members who would be attending this meeting would fall within the COVID-19 high-risk category and with the ever-changing recommendations for shelter-in-place guidelines, the Council believes this action is appropriate for the Fraternity at this time.

Despite the cancellation of activities in Milwaukee, Moose leadership will be working to develop a “virtual convention” that can be accessed by delegates and other members via any computer, tablet or phone that possesses internet access.  It is anticipated that this virtual meeting will be moved to June 25-26, 2020 to make sure the delivery of information is complete, simple and accessible.

Included in this virtual meeting will be all major reports traditionally delivered at the convention along with a number of prerecorded sessions that members can watch at their leisure.  Instructions on how to participate, along with downloadable materials, will be provided via the Moose International website (www.mooseintl.org) prior to the meeting.

The General Governor has confirmed that the virtual meeting will fall within the parameters of the General Laws, and that the actions taken by the delegates through votes online will be binding.  These online votes (registered LOOM delegates only) will include the General Law Amendments that seek to establish a new lodge format that gives members equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender.