Monthly Messages

April Message from Debra Evans

April and Spring!! What a beautiful time of year! Time for new growth and new beginnings. As one Chapter year is coming to a close, a new Chapter year is on the horizon. My hope for each of you and your Chapters is that you have a New Board of Officers ready to step out on their adventure in the coming year. New plans, new starts, new members, new adventures and of course, new memories.

We, as Women of the Moose, are always ready for the adventures in our Chapters. Look to the future and what we do for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Remember we are vital to the success of those campuses. Without the Women of the Moose, where would our children and senior members be?

The Women of the Moose are vital and necessary for the future. Be proud of your membership and what you are able to accomplish.

Congratulations new Officers and Best Wishes for a successful year!


January Message from Debra Evans

Happy New Year!

We are on the downhill side of our Chapter year. I hope all of you are doing well and keeping tabs on your Chapter records and membership. All Chapters should be working toward the Award of Achievement. The checklist in the back of your Officers’ Handbook is a great tool to make sure that your Chapter is on track.

It is also that time of year for Nominations and Elections. The Election Handbook in Forms and Documents is a great resource as you start the new officer journey.

You should have 2 Nominating meetings in January. These should be scheduled prior to your February meeting. The slate of officers is read at the February meeting. Election will be held in March and installation in April.

The success of your Chapter depends on great leadership and the willingness to work with the membership.

Good Luck!

November / December Message from Debra Evans

We are moving through the “ber” months quickly. But these last two “ber” months are special.

We have this month to reflect on what we are most thankful for. Thankful means: feeling and expressing appreciation for people and things in your life. What are you thankful for? Family, friends, memories and of course, Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Mooseheart and Moosehaven are thankful for each of you and the blessings that we provide for them.

November is also College of Regents month. We honor our Collegians as they move through their degree. Are you receiving your red tassel or red stole this year? Be proud to be a Collegian and celebrate the hard work you and your Chapter did to accomplish all the goals necessary to become a Collegian.

December is equally rewarding. We celebrate the children and our senior members. We celebrate the season of love and hope. We celebrate our Proud Past and strive for a Bright Future. As you decorate your Chapter room, or your Lodge, what do you reflect on during this holiday season? It’s the time of year to brighten your Lodges with festive lights. Get in the spirit!

These two months are a time to celebrate being a Moose. Reflect on those “AHA” moments in your Moose membership and enjoy what we do as Moose.


Debby Evans

October Message from Debra Evans

Fall has arrived and October is a very busy month in our Moose World.

The October Chairman should be gearing up for Christmas in October and the monetary walk that helps support Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Make this a special event. Decorate your meeting room for Christmas and make the meeting fun all the while collecting money for Christmas gifts for the children and our senior members. Set up a Christmas tree and donation basket in the Social Quarters. Encourage the Lodge members to participate in this giving opportunity.

October is also time for the Cradle Fund. Have a competition; men against women or Lodge vs. Chapter. (You know the women will win.) Post your cradle display on your Facebook page or your web page. Let’s make this a fun giving time for our kids!

Mooseheart Founder’s Day is October 27th. What a great day to celebrate the Moose! James J Davis had a dream, and we live that dream every day. Sponsor a member for Founder’s Day. Make it a special day in our Fraternity.

And of course, there is Halloween. Be the Heart of the Community by hosting a Trunk or Treat, participating in the town parade, creating a family-friendly haunted Lodge or donating Tommy Moose Trick or Treat bags. Did you know our residents at Moosehaven love Halloween? Children and their families from the Orange Park area come to a safe environment at Moosehaven for Trick or Treating and residents love to see the children in their costumes. Tons of candy is distributed annually. Be sure to follow the Moosehaven Facebook page for updates.

Wishing you a productive, fun-filled October.


Debby Evans
Grand Regent

August Message from Debra Evans

I have always heard that as you get older, time goes faster. However, there are still only 24 hours in a day and that doesn’t change. But, as we approach August and experience the “Dog Days of Summer,” the hottest most sultry month of summer, time just keeps marching on. It is once again “Back to School” time. All across our countries, parents and kids are gearing up for the Back-to-School shopping. New clothes, the latest backpack, clean notebooks, fresh pens, pencils and more are just a few items on the growing lists.

Mooseheart is gearing up for school too. As dedicated Moose, we are responsible for assisting the kids at Mooseheart and in our communities. We exist to make things easier for the families by providing supplies, backpacks and other scholastic needs to start a positive year ahead.

I encourage our chapters to plan fundraisers to help the schools in our communities. The list of requested supplies often includes tissues, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Sponsor a classroom, a teacher or a family by conducting a supply drive or fill backpacks with snacks for latch-key kids. Reach out to your Sunshine Child and offer to purchase a first day of school outfit, a new pair of sneakers or a new backpack. All of our beloved children deserve a Bright Future!

Debby Evans,
Grand Regent