Monthly Messages

September Message from Cathy Funkey

The dictionary defines September as “the ninth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the first month of autumn.” But in the Roman calendar September is the seventh month. Bit confusing isn’t it. Somewhat like the confusion some of our Chapters are still experiencing.

Are we Chapter members,  Lodge members or are we both? I don’t think we can afford to be without the moral and financial support our Chapters give to Mooseheart, Moosehaven, their Lodges and communities. We need everyone to take pride in being a member of a Chapter, Moose Legion and Lodge. Each unit compliments the other and makes us stronger.

No matter what the naysayers tell you, there is room for all of in the Moose. James J. Davis said, “With your enthusiasm and the sparkle which you have in your eyes, I am sure you will make good.”

May Message from Cletus McManama

Welcome to May!  It’s finally Spring which brings a fresh new start for all units of our Fraternity. Congratulations to the new Officers and Chairmen whether it be for The Moose, Chapter or Moose Legion. I wish you a successful year. Your position gives you the opportunity to promote our organization and help it continue to be successful. I encourage you to listen to our members; they are our most important asset and will be the key to our success. We need to mentor our members about all the good work we do each and every day. Ask both new and seasoned members what they would like to see happen in our Moose Homes. By following through we will continue to grow.

Spring is also a time to celebrate graduation for our Mooseheart students as well as promote a new class of Moose Brothers into the Pilgrim degree. I hope to see many of you on the Mooseheart Campus on June 3rd and 4th to enjoy these joyous occasions. It is truly an honor to witness the Senior Class processional onto the stage for graduation, and cheer on the called Fellows as they march into the House of God.

Always remember we are Stronger Together, and the Moose will Make It Happen!

Cletus McManama
Grand Regent

April Message from Cletus McManama

April has arrived and with that so has Spring. A time of renewal not only of everything green, but also of our Chapters and Lodges. The beginning of spring, when the world seems to come back to life is the perfect time to reassess, recommit, and recharge. Spring is the time for new plans and projects. What a great time to spruce up our Lodges; let’s make them an inviting place where you would be proud to invite in potential members. Invite your friends and show them what the Moose is really all about.

Since this is the last month of our Moose year, are you working on membership retention? How about getting a committee together to call delinquent members? Let’s bring them back into the fold just like we would our lost sheep. They are our family.

By this time most of you have held your Academy of Friendship Conferrals. Congratulations to all of our new friends, may you continue to help our Chapters grow and remember to help our other members to acquire this degree.

What do you have planned to kick start Spring? Maybe plan a Spring Fling with the Lodge. Working together we really are Stronger Together.

Yours in Faith, Hope and Charity,

Cletus McManama
Grand Regent

February Message from Cletus McManama


February is the month of love, and what better time to show our Sunshine child or grandparent a little extra love and care? You know a Valentine’s Day card or just a little thought can brighten up their days.

How about our Moose Sisters? At your next meeting, maybe give everyone a flower or a Hershey’s kiss. Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. Maybe plan a Valentine’s dinner and dance and give all the ladies a rose. You will be surprised how good you will make someone feel by just a small gesture.

How about inviting a friend to your next Chapter meeting? Just making her feel welcome might encourage her to get more involved.

See a new face in your Lodge? Say hello and start a conversation. But remember, welcoming doesn’t end after a first greeting. In fact, being super friendly when you first meet someone and then having no memory of them when you next see them is almost worse than not welcoming them at all. Something powerful happens when you remember someone’s name, you remember a story they told, you remember their favorite snack, you remember where they’re from or what they’re passionate about. You’ll be surprised how memorable they feel and they’ll keep coming back.

Let me leave you with this thought from the Horse Mafia:

Memories remind us nothing lasts forever. Time is precious and should not be wasted. Enjoy life and don’t count the days, but make the days count.

With Love,
Cletus McManama

January Message from Cletus McManama

Greetings from the Grand Regent.

As we bid 2021 goodbye and welcome in 2022 may this year be our best year yet. We are now in our first year as One Moose, working side by side with our Brothers and Sisters. Maybe you are an Officer or Chairman for your Lodge; if so, I say thank you for stepping up to assist your Moose home, but let’s not forget our Chapters also need your leadership and guidance.

January is our time to set up our nominating committee.  This committee is one of the most important ones of our Chapter. This committee will select our leaders for next year. Make sure you are selecting the people who will lead us to a successful year, just don’t put people on the ballot because they are your friend or a warm body. Evaluate their qualities – will they put in the time and effort necessary to make sure we reach all of our goals?  Remember we cannot do the work we need to do for Mooseheart and Moosehaven, as well as all our others projects without dedicated members and effective leaders.  For more details please refer to the Women of the Moose General Laws beginning on page 52, Sec. 83.

Just remember a New Year means a new chapter.  I hope 2022 is everything you want it to be. Let’s always work together for the good of The Moose.

Cletus McManama
Grand Regent