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Once members have self-identified, they are eligible to receive a specialized Membership Card, a Valued Veterans pin, and a Certificate of Appreciation. Pins and certificates will be presented at one annual recognition night which will take place in November. Newly identified Valued Veterans can opt to receive a special edition membership card at their next membership renewal to be sent at no cost.

Special  Honors

The Valued Veterans program also allows for nominations for the “Valued Veteran of the Year,” an award that brings special honor and recognition to one extraordinary Valued Veteran among the members in your Lodge and affiliated Chapter. The person selected should be the ultimate example of a Moose member serving others. Read or download the Valued Veteran of The Year Overview, Nomination Form, and Lodge Voting Instructions.

Activity Groups

Lodges are encouraged to form Valued Veterans Activity Groups to bring their own Valued Veterans more ownership of activities that are most relevant and enjoyable to them. This will foster more regular interaction among the veterans in the Lodge and create a built-in support system. A Valued Veterans activity group will be best equipped to identify activities that are most relevant to veterans in the Lodge. To form a group, complete the Activity Group Notification Form, and email to the Help Desk. Click here for Valued Veterans Activity Group Objectives & Expectations.


Each year there will be a formal ceremony in which Valued Veterans are honored at the Lodge. Moose International will provide the newly self-identified Valued Veterans (by September 30th) their certificate of appreciation and pin. The Lodge’s Valued Veteran of the Year will be honored with their certificate and to be celebrated.

Monthly “Valued Veterans Day”

In each lodge, fraternity-wide, Valued Veterans should be honored and recognized on the last Saturday of each month.  This can be done in a variety of ways, whether through a special dinner, a fun activity, or even just a ‘Meet and Greet.’  The only thing that matters in choosing a “Valued Veterans Day” activity, is that the activity is tailored to bring Valued Veterans special recognition and/or support in ways that are most relevant and meaningful to them.

Share Information

We emphasize that this will be an ever-evolving program, continually shaped with input from lodges, chapters, members, and the Valued Veterans themselves. Do you have suggestions as we begin our debut year? Do you have ideas for elements we can add to the website? Do you know of any specific organizations that help Veterans that we should feature? We want to hear from you! Send emails to Will Harrison.