Transfer Membership

Transferring to Another Lodge

This information pertains to Moose members who want or need to transfer their membership to a different lodge or into General Assembly.

  • Any member who wants to transfer from one lodge to another must be current with their dues in order to transfer and to keep their years of service.
  • To allow the incoming lodge administrative handling time, the member must turn in their transfer application at least 30 days prior to their due’s expiration date.
  • The transfer application needs to be submitted to the incoming fraternal unit, along with a $20.00 transfer fee.
  • Transfers are not handled by Moose International or the Moose International Helpdesk. They are handled by the incoming lodge.
  • The Moose General Laws Chapter 32, section 32.1 provides information on transfers; it includes that the incoming lodge notifies the outgoing lodge, providing them up to fourteen days to object to the transfer. If there is no objection, membership is then voted on at the next meeting of the incoming lodge.
  • Upon approval, the membership is moved to the new lodge and an updated membership card is issued.
  • When a member transfers out of General Assembly Lodge 3000, the incoming lodge is not to charge a transfer fee.
  • Members who want to transfer into General Assembly Lodge 3000 should contact Moose International at (630) 906-3658 and ask for the General Assembly for assistance.

Transferring to Another Chapter/Moose Legion

This information pertains to Moose members who want or need to transfer their membership to a different Chapter or Moose Legion.

  • Similar to the Lodge process above, but the transfer applications need to be submitted to the incoming Chapter Treasurer/Moose Legion Secretary.
  • Separate transfer applications are filled out for members transferring both their lodge and chapter memberships or both their lodge and Moose Legion memberships because one form goes to the lodge and the other goes to the Chapter or Moose Legion.
  • Transfer fees are $10 for the Chapter/Moose Legion. No transfer fee is needed for chapter members transferring out of Allheart.