2020 Virtual Moose Convention | Registration

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The Virtual Moose Convention runs from June 25 – 26, 2020. Any member can attend by using a smart phone, tablet or computer and accessing this site, which will hold links to the live videos, recorded sessions, convention merchandise, and more. On those dates, you may view any of the sessions you choose, based on the schedule listed on this site. Sessions will also be recorded and posted to this site (via YouTube) so that members may view the sessions at a later date.

Participation in the Moose Virtual Convention is free and there is no need to register in advance, WITH ONE EXCEPTION!

If you are a delegate (current Administrator, Governor, or Past Governor) for the Loyal Order of Moose and will be voting on the General Laws Amendments, approval of reports, or the nomination and election of Officers, you MUST register for the Convention.

The link to register is below and there is a $10 registration fee to offset electronic voting costs. The fee is payable by credit card, or you may use 8,000 Moose Rewards points in lieu of payment. (Moose Rewards option will only appear if registrant has 8,000 available points) Only LOOM delegates will be allowed to register, so if you are a current Administrator or Governor you must be listed on your lodge’s Board of Officers within the lodge’s Admin Menu. For the Virtual Moose Convention, alternates to the delegates will only be allowed per the General Governor’s guidelines, which are contained in the file below. All registrations must be done online, therefore, if a delegate needs help in registering for the meeting, he should contact his Administrator or Territory Manager for assistance.

Only delegates for the Loyal Order of Moose are allowed to vote per the current General Laws, therefore all non-delegates, including members of the Women of the Moose, need not register.

For delegates, registration begins June 1, 2020 and will close at 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 23rd. You may register at any time during this period in order to participate in voting during the Convention.