2020 Virtual Moose Convention | General Law Amendments

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During the 2020 Virtual Moose Convention, a vote will be taken by the delegates of the Loyal Order of Moose to approve or reject a series of changes to the General Laws which will enable the Fraternity to create a single (One Moose) membership category that provides equal rights for all members within the lodge.

There are several documents attached that outline the changes that are being proposed. The first document provides an overview and summary of all changes proposed; while the rest of the documents show redlined revisions to all impacted areas of the current General Laws.

Voting for the General Law Amendments will take place within this tab by the delegates of the Loyal Order of Moose who have registered for the Virtual Moose Convention. Voting will take place beginning at 10:00am (CDT) on Thursday, June 25 and end at 5:00pm (CDT) on Friday, June 26. The link to the voting portal will be available during this time frame only. Results of the vote will be announced during the report of the Judiciary Committee during the live presentations on Friday evening.

A special, interactive General Laws Workshop will take place online at 9:00am (CDT), Thursday, June 25 beginning with a presentation by Director General Scott Hart and General Governor T. Michael Leuer. At that time, questions from online participants may be emailed to a specified address (provided later) and the speakers will answer as many as time permits.

Although the current General Laws allows only the Loyal Order of Moose delegates to vote on the proposed changes, any member, male or female, may participate in the Workshop session.

The proposed amendments listed below will be voted upon by the delegates of the 2020 International Moose Convention. If approved by the delegates, the amendments will be effective on May 1, 2021.