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Pandemic Relief Fund Offers Additional Grants

Any lodge that did NOT receive a grant during the first application period (April 27 – May 1) for the Supreme Council Pandemic Relief Fund may now apply for financial assistance during the second application period. Applications may be found in the Forms dropdown menu in each lodge’s Admin Menu under “2020 Supreme Council Pandemic Relief Fund 2.” Complete the form now as the closing date for the second round of applications is this Friday, May 15, at 5:00pm (CST).

The Fund was created to help our lodges manage expenses during this unprecedented time of business closures due to the pandemic virus, and may be distributed in amounts up to $5,000 to cover expenses such as mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance premiums, etc. These funds may not be used to finance repairs, any employee-related expenses (wages, taxes, etc.), or the cost of restocking inventory.

All lodges that have not already received a grant from this Fund are eligible to apply, although there are no guarantees that every lodge will receive a grant. Territory Managers will be reviewing the applications beginning May 15 and will be assessing each lodge’s current ability to manage financial obligations, along with its fraternal history.

Please read these Important Notes regarding the Relief Fund:

  • The Pandemic Relief Fund application can be found under the Forms dropdown in each administrator’s Admin Menu. It is titled “2020 Supreme Council Pandemic Relief Fund 2”
  • The deadline for round two is this Friday, May 15th at 5:00pm (CST). Yes, it is a quick turnaround, but the review process takes about 2 weeks to complete and the lodges need the money now.
  • The Supreme Council is requiring that all lodges in need must submit an application for the second round, even if they have already filled one out during the first application period and were not selected.
  • If lodges itemize their expenses and vendors, then it is not necessary to attach copies of bills if you are unable to do so. It IS preferable though! Please make sure the invoices can be available if your Territory Manager needs to see them.
  • If you do not itemize the expenses for which you are requesting a grant, you will not be considered.
  • The criteria to apply for an EIDL loan through the Small Business Administration has been waived. Please mark “Yes” for the question of whether you applied for an EIDL loan and “Denied” in the area that asks for the status of the loan request.
  • Once an Administrator enters the information onto the application and presses “SAVE,” it is automatically transmitted to Moose International.
  • If you have questions regarding the application or the process, please reach out to your Territory Manager.

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