Supreme Governor

A Note from the Supreme Governor

As we begin the last few months of the Moose year, every unit’s goals should include having an increase of Active members since April 30, 2019. As a fraternity, we’ve always been fairly good at recruiting membership, but bemoan the fact that we lose more than we gain. Everyone in Moose leadership admits that we have a retention problem. Please let me share some of my observances about the issue.

In my visits throughout the country (which has included 27 states at this point), many of the lodges and chapters are proud that they have recruited and retained enough members to show that gain we’re all looking for. The common thread in each of these lodge’s success includes:

  • Attractive outside grounds and facility with proper parking areas, appropriate landscaping, modern signage, up-to-date paint on the building, all contributing to a clean, inviting appearance.
  • A friendly welcome from the staff and members sets the tone, accompanied by prompt and consistent service.
  • Cleanliness and climate control oftentimes determines whether a member is comfortable and whether he or she will return.
  • Consistent food and beverage products are prepared, served and priced with value in mind, rather than cheap prices.
  • The calendar abounds with activities for all age groups of members and their families….games, sports, music, crafts, fraternal programs, contests, shows, holiday events, other themed parties, member recognition, community service, and so on…something for everyone.

Of course, devotion to our fraternal purposes is a main factor in retention. If a member is informed and committed to our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven, he or she is very likely to maintain membership. Sadly, the great majority of our members are not aware of those purposes, so we must fulfill their desires, needs and expectations by making our lodge home and social quarters the friendliest place in town. We can do just that by striving to accomplish the traits mentioned above.

Rodney Hammond

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