Supreme Governor

A Note from the Supreme Governor

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has affected countries throughout the world, with many suffering more severe effects than the United States and Canada, at this point. However, we are certainly not without serious danger from the virus, and the Moose fraternity has taken steps to try to control the spread of the disease within our communities.

The federal government and most states have enacted proclamations that severely restrict our lodges’ ability to serve our members. The banning of alcoholic beverage service and restrictions on food service have caused many lodge homes to be closed. Many Association Mid-Year Conferences were canceled, along with all other gatherings, including district meetings, Moose Legion celebrations, training sessions, sports tournament, etc. The decision made by Moose leadership to interrupt our regular routines was made with the health concerns of our members and others in our respective communities.

It was personally disappointing to have to cancel the Supreme Governor visits to South Carolina, Indiana and Wyoming/Colorado. Visits to Michigan, Kentucky and Alaska may also have to be canceled. I will miss the opportunity to visit the lodges and mingle with the members, but understand the greater need.

There is no definitive indication as to how long the virus will continue to infect us. As Moose, we need to do all we can do, individually and as units, to control the spread and protect each other. Please read the Director General’s message on the opening page of the website. I believe he has stated very concisely how we need to treat this crisis. I know it’s hard to be positive, but I have no doubt that Moose members will follow the necessary procedures, and we will be a part of the solution to this challenge.

Rodney Hammond

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