September Message from Walt Zurowski

While the 2019 International Convention is over it was Moose Legionnaires that paved the way and helped to make the Moose Legion booth a success. It is times like this that makes us all proud of our fraternity and the Moose Legion.

It has been said it is more blessed to give than receive. Those Moose Legionnaires that volunteered their time must really be blessed, for you have given so much. What you have done is so gratifying and so greatly appreciated. Thank you very, very much.

Many who visited our booth including Presidents, Secretaries and Area Managers were not only impressed with the literature available, but also the knowledge and assistance of those manning the booth as well. There were also many others who understood the importance of your work, by offering the information and giving of your time to serve. Thanks to all who paid us a visit!

Nothing can compare with the gift of really caring. There are two ways of showing you care for a particular cause. One is the amount of work you do for it; the other is the amount of substance you give to it. You each gave both.

Today’s society is replete with many superficial awards and recognition. Those who volunteered during the International Convention are well aware of the service they provided and you did so willingly. That to me is truly being a Moose Legionnaire and living up to our motto of, “Doing some good for someone each day.”

Virtue may be its own reward, but I believe that virtuosity deserves a more concrete and tangible form of recognition. While saluting those volunteers, we do more than merely honor them; we appreciate them. They helped to set standards for emulation from this time forth.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for helping us as work shoulder to shoulder and continue to “Create Our Future.”

Walt Zurowski, PIP