September Message from Charles Barber

“A Laurel Wreath is a symbol of triumph and is worn as a chaplet around the head, or as a garland around the neck.”

Moose Legionnaires, you certainly are entitled to feel triumphant after a year during which we have realized the first year over year gain in membership since 2014 (2,696 to be precise, a whopping 5.4%.) And while you may be deserving of a pat on the back or a Laurel Wreath, be careful where you are wearing those Laurels. Quite often, we humans are guilty of “resting” on our laurels, ignoring the hard work that is required to maintain this triumphant status. In our case, it refers to one simple, yet seemingly so very difficult task, namely membership retention. Each and every year seems to bring the same dilemma; namely, we wait through summer, fall, and winter before spring brings with it a renewed urgency to reach out and work membership retention. Junior Past President, this is your committee and responsibility to get busy. Form your committee, work the phones, and work with the Council of Higher Degrees and the Lodge Moose Legion Committees in your jurisdiction to retain the momentum we gained in 2022, so that when we get to Reno in 2023, there will still be Laurels to wear. And remember “If you are resting on your laurels, you are wearing them in the wrong place.”


Charles Barber
Intl Moose Legion Vice President