Robert Neff
Robert Neff Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees
Phone: 630-966-2227

April Annual Pilgrim mailing to current members
May Pilgrim Degree honor month
Summer Conferral held at House of God at Mooseheart and Annual gathering of Pilgrims at International Convention
Summer / Fall Pilgrim presentation ceremonies in local lodges
July- September Recommendation forms are to be returned per instructions



May is Pilgrim Degree Honor Month.  Many of them will be preparing for the trip to Mooseheart for the annual High School graduation exercises and Pilgrim conferral ceremonies.  Pilgrims will have just received, in April, their annual mailing notice of the next opening of the Pilgrim Crypt and memorial listing of those who passed in the previous year.


The only way a Fellow can be considered to receive the Pilgrim Degree of Merit is to be recommended by a Pilgrim of the Order.  Each Pilgrim gets one recommendation form they can use to submit a potential Fellow for the Pilgrim Degree.  Recommendations are generally at least two years out from acceptance.


Note:  Pilgrims must carefully review and comply with the instructions on the Pilgrim Recommendation Form.  A comprehensive and detailed listing (resume) of the outstanding services rendered by the recommended Fellow must be attached to the completed form.


Remember:  All recommendations are to be considered strictly confidential. A breach of confidentiality will jeopardize the degrees of all the parties involved, including current members and that of the prospective candidate.


A Fellow must meet the following requirements to be recommended for the Pilgrim Degree of Merit - He must:

  • have TEN (10) years continuous membership in the Loyal Order of Moose (minimum)
  • have held the Fellowship Degree for at least Five (5) years (minimum)
  • have a detailed resume listing outstanding services performed submitted with the recommendation form