Robert Neff
Robert Neff Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees
Phone: 630-966-2227

The official regalia of a Pilgrim is a Gold blazer featuring the Pilgrim logo, with coordinated necktie, white shirt and black trousers. The regalia is to be worn in its entirety, or not at all.


A Pilgrim is also entitled to wear the Pilgrim medallion, available through Moose International Catalog Sales and may be worn at any function of the Order.  Past Moose Legion President, Medal of Honor and Ritual Champion medallions, properly earned, may be worn on the breast pocket of regalia.  However, it is recommended that not more than one lapel pin be worn on the regalia at any one time. 


The regalia may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the character and strength that these men provide to the Moose fraternal structure.  Regalia is available through Catalog Sales at Moose International.  Degree holders should see the Official Regalia Order Form for details.