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This is a general guide only-
Please see current year's form for actual current details

October: Fellowship Recommendation form sent to Lodges via email.
Founder's Day: Annual Appeal Request sent to Members of the Fellowship Degree.
November: Fellowship Recommendation Committee meetings scheduled in Lodges
December: Regional Managers review submitted forms from Lodges
January: Regional Managers forward forms to Moose International for further processing.
April: Invitations sent to approved candidates for conferral.
Summer/Fall: Conferrals held at International and Association conventions.


The annual recommendation form will be developed by the Moose International Fellowship Committee and emailed to Lodges in the Order, together with instructions for completing and submitting the recommendation(s).

Lodges will be advised to set a date in November (Fellowship Degree Honor Month) for the Annual Meeting of the Fellows of their Lodge. Once the date is set the notice should be placed on the Lodge bulletin board and in the Lodge publications. In addition, a written notice is to be sent by the Lodge, to EVERY Fellow of that Lodge, advising them of the date and time that has been set for the meeting to take place.


The primary purpose of the meeting is to consider Moose Legionnaires meeting the minimum criteria to be recommended for consideration of advancement to the Fellowship Degree of Honor. Only Fellows in good standing with their Lodge and Moose Legion may attend this meeting (if the Lodge has at least four Fellows available).


The Lodge may include a dinner for the Fellows and their ladies, or some other activity to draw business to the Lodge on that day. At the appropriate time, the Fellows will retire to a closed-door session. The signatures of all in attendance will be recorded on a roster to be submitted along with any recommendation forms.


Note: Instructions on the Fellowship Recommendation Form must be reviewed and carefully followed. A comprehensive and detailed listing (resume) of the outstanding services rendered by the member must be attached to the completed form. You must provide sufficient details to demonstrate his worthiness for advancement. The form, roster and detailed resume are then submitted as instructed.


Remember: All recommendations are to be considered confidential. A breach of confidentiality can jeopardize the degrees of all the parties involved, including current members and that of the prospective candidate.


The members of the committee select the Chairman of the Lodge Fellowship Recommendation Committee, during the annual meeting of the Fellows. The Chairman must be a Fellow, if a Fellow is available. The Governor or Administrator, or other officers must be a Fellow to attend meetings of the committee, unless the lodge has fewer than four Fellows, in which case Lodge Officers can act under specific guidelines as indicated in the instructions. The Regional Manager should be contacted with any questions.


The Fellows should review the record of the Moose Legionnaires of the Lodge to see if any should be recommended for elevation to the Fellowship Degree of Honor. Only Moose Legionnaires who, as of September 30 of the current year, have a minimum of five continuous years of membership in the Lodge, and one-year of membership in the Moose Legion on their current membership record may be considered.


However, the length of service alone is not itself enough to warrant elevation. The Fellowship Committee should closely review the fraternal history of each Moose Legionnaire being considered to include:

  • Evaluation of the Moose Legionnaire's sponsor record, including sponsor activity in both the Lodge and the Moose Legion
  • Record of service to Lodge, Moose Legion, Council of Higher Degree and Association (including District) to include offices held, committees served and chaired, major accomplishments achieved, etc.
  • Other volunteer service to Lodge, Moose Legion, Council of Higher Degree and Association such as; Retention of members, mowing lawn, shoveling snow, working in the kitchen, stapling newsletters, selling raffles (where legal), conducting other fundraisers, participation in Lodge or Moose Legion Ritual or Orientations Programs, cleaning and remodeling projects of the Lodge, assisting with various Community Service projects for the Lodge, etc.

The Fellows should then prepare a detailed resume for attachment to the recommendation form, that will clearly indicate the level of extraordinary fraternal service delivered by the member being recommended. Care should be taken with reference to details of service and applicable dates for accuracy in writing the resume. Then submit the forms, the resume and the roster in a timely manner as instructed.


Fellows attending the meeting need to understand that this selection process is highly confidential. Lodges will have an opportunity to recommend members to be considered for the honor, according to the stated guidelines, even though only a limited number of candidates may be selected for approval by the Pilgrim Council.