One Moose Information

The Grand Council of the Women of the Moose and Supreme Council of the Loyal Order of Moose have worked hand-in-hand for the past two years to establish a strategic plan for women and men to have an equal voice, standing, and opportunity in every Moose Lodge throughout our Fraternity. The idea of “One Moose” membership has been around for decades and until now has only been about talking and not doing. The time has come for our Fraternity to take action and establish a path forward whereby a husband and wife, brother and sister, and female and male friends have the same opportunity to serve on the Board of Officers and have a lawful vote and voice into the business, programs and activities of the Lodge.

We recently held a Town Hall Meeting the first weekend of November. The weekend was full of open dialogue, presentations and panel sessions focusing on just one topic – One Moose Membership! Attendees heard from Grand Chancellor Barb McPherson, Director General Scott Hart, our Grand Regent Mary Froning, Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond, General Governor Mike Leuer and Director of Membership Mike Rios on the future of our Moose fraternity.

The PowerPoint presentations and transcripts from the weekend are available below:

For a brief rundown, check out this handy FAQ Sheet that we have put together. Videos from the weekend are available on our YouTube channel.

It is an exciting time to be a Moose member and we hope you join us as we Create Our Future!