October Message from Walt Zurowski

Oftentimes when visiting and meeting Lodge members or attending a Moose Legion Celebration in another Lodge or jurisdiction, I am frequently asked by members, “Why should I join the Moose Legion?” or “What benefit is there in Moose Legion membership?” My response is normally “Why would you not want to join?”  Just think of the many benefits that await you if you elevate to the Degree of Service.

Moose Legionnaires are members of a higher degree with the purpose of assisting our Lodges by supporting fraternal programs and having fun in the process.  Moose Legion membership gives you an opportunity to participate in the many activities and events of the Lodge and to also provide you with the ability to do even more for your Lodge.

Not only is your Lodge membership critical to the success of our fraternity, but you also enjoy the family bonds unique to the Moose.  Our members typically look out for one another while our Lodges provide a safe environment for your family and friends which the Moose Legion is noted for.

It is also Moose Legionnaires that are in the forefront when it comes to supporting the many aspects of Moose Charities.  Typically, these committees lead the way during our monthly committee meetings and often are first to support the Cradle or Rocker fund appeals.  Our current President’s project is to provide a projector for the Mooseheart campus while also providing commercial washers and dryers for our residents of Moosehaven.  Again, another case of Moose Legionnaires are leading by example.

Additionally, elevating to the Moose Legion gives you an advantage for advancement that others lack.  Moose Legion membership is the first step for advancement to the higher degrees of our Order, specifically the Fellowship and Pilgrim degrees.

There are, of course, more tangible benefits to becoming a Moose Legionnaire but foremost is the fulfillment of our sacred pledge “To do some go thing for someone each day.”  If you are currently a Moose Legionnaire, thank you for your membership and remaining current.  We ask you to offer your fellow Lodge members an opportunity to join our cause and invite them to become a Proud Moose Legionnaire.  Eligible new members can be found.  You probably already know some.  Just ask; “Are you a Moose Legionnaire?”

If you love the Moose Legion as much as I do, please continue to renew, recruit and retain our members.  Moose Legionnaires are Moose on a Mission and we do indeed support all aspects of the Moose fraternity.  It is an honor to continue to serve beside all of you.