October Message from Mary Froning

Happy Fall! Yes, I can feel the temperatures getting cooler each morning; fall is here. The leaves are starting to turn and the vibrant colors of the season surround us like a beautiful and colorful quilt. All too soon that blanket of snow will also be covering us and winter will be in full swing! I am hoping we get to experience more fall weather before that blanket of snow settles in.

I wish to thank the Kentucky Association for a great conference. Deputy Judy Hampton did a great job and I thank her  and the co-workers for a job well done. We had our own Conference in the Dakotas this past weekend and it was great having Jr. Past Grand Regent Wendy Mathew with us. Deputy Jody Hugelen did an outstanding job and we had a great deal of fun while learning as well. One more Fall Conference to go this month – I am headed to South Carolina. I am looking forward to spending some time getting to know my Moose brothers and sisters better and having a great conference. I am hoping for some warmer temperatures as well.

October kicks off our Cradle Fund Campaign. We had a lot of fun with this project in Kentucky. The men challenged the women to see who could raise more money. Yes, the women beat the men, but the real winners are our children at Mooseheart! You can have a lot of fun with this project at your local levels as well. Challenge members of your Moose home, plan special events to raise funds for Endowment and proudly display the cradles around the Lodge. Let your imaginations go and see what kind of fun and creative things you can do in your lodge and chapter to get your cradle fund going. Share your ideas on Facebook and promote your activities to the membership.

The end of October you will find Moose members from across our great Fraternity meeting in Orlando, FL for our One Moose meeting. This will prove to be an exciting and interesting meeting for our great Fraternity. I am excited to see what the planning committee has developed so far. We are Creating Our Future as we journey towards a One Moose Family. As Association after Association votes yes to invite the Chapters to participate, I see a bright future ahead of us. I was very proud at the Dakotas Conference to see friends and co-workers appointed as committee chairpersons for our Association. We were making history and I am very proud to be a part of this process. I see bigger and better things ahead for every one of the Associations that have joined forces with the women.

Christmas in October is a special time for our Chapters to raise funds for our twin cities so that our children and seniors have a wonderful Christmas. Our efforts ensure our residents partake in holiday dinners, have photo cards to send to loved ones, enjoy decorated homes and receive special gifts. Make this a special time in your chapter and have fun with  this program. There are so many fun things you can do. Put up a Christmas tree – bake holiday cookies – serve a feast – make winter crafts or share some hot chocolate. Encourage all members to participate in the Monetary Gift Walk to provide additional financial support for our beloved residents. The smiling face of a child on Christmas morning is one of the most precious memories we can all appreciate.

Have a great month and always remember to be humble and kind.

Mary Froning, Grand Regent