October Message from Kimberly Pettit

Oh my gosh! Halloween is right around the corner. Our Chapters and Lodges are hosting boo-tastic parties for the children and devilishly-fun ones for the adults as well. Hope you are really getting into the ‘spirit’ of things.

Is your Lodge home promoting the Moose Charities Cradle Fundraiser? Are sales ‘rocking’ over last year? Promote donation opportunities to your members; start a competition with the LOOM; get creative and support our kids!

November and December are fast approaching – Are you ready?! Our Chapters have lots of opportunities to fill the calendar with activities the next two months. The Award of Achievement will be sent to the Junior Graduate Regents in early November, so be watching for it in the mail. Officers – familiarize yourself with the Meeting Procedures and Agendas so you understand the ceremony for presenting the 2015-16 Award of Achievement to the Past Regent and then honoring the Chapter with the 2016-17 Award. Plan a special recognition event or celebration dinner. Determine a place of honor to display the certificate for one year, letting every co-worker and visitor know the Chapter attained its goals. It signifies that the members worked hard to follow the program of the Women of the Moose, and as a team they qualified for the Award of Achievement. Congratulations for working together as a team to make this happen for your Chapters. Also in November we celebrate with the College of Regents, honor our newest Collegians and recognize others for continued successes.

Our Canadian Brothers and Co-workers celebrated Thanksgiving on October 9th and I hope you enjoyed a fantastic day with family and loved ones. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and here in the States we will celebrate on Thursday, November 23, 2017. Why is it my favorite holiday? Because there is no real pressure, just the 4 F’s; Food, Family, Friends and Fun. All day long, eating, chatting, playing games like Crap on your  Neighbor (it’s a card game!) then more eating and oh! the desserts and snacks…..I’m getting fatter just thinking about it. Co-workers, just before you go to enjoy that wonderful meal I encourage you to take a moment to bow your heads and give thanks to the Lord above for all that we have, for our children at Mooseheart and for those wonderful seniors at Moosehaven…then dig in!

Being recently retired, I don’t have to go to work on Black Friday. I may even become a crazy lady and go shopping! I love to watch other people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Yes, I actually saw that once on the farm and yes, some people do act that crazy. Be careful out there!

Once we have shopped all the sales, we begin preparing for Christmas and holiday celebrations. On the WOTM calendar, December is Community Service month. I hope the committees are preparing something special for your community Christmas Baskets for needy families, a free meal for those who may be alone for Christmas, Toys for Tots, Santa pictures and presents for children who may not get anything, gifts of hope for women who have been abused, and on and on. There are so many different projects that you can take part of in your community. Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are also celebrated in the month of December and there are so many wonderful good deeds that we as members of the Women of the Moose can perform regardless of our religious affiliation or belief. I encourage you to get involved. It is at this time of the year we get caught up in the giving of presents and forget the importance of the giving of gifts. Not only those gifts purchased with money but consider those made by hand and given from your heart. Donate your time and talents to improve the situation of someone else. Or maybe donate to Moose  Charities in honor of a loved one. When my grandchildren give me handmade gifts, I think of the Grinch knowing “my heart grew three sizes that day.” Christmas is my second favorite holiday; my family always gets together the second weekend in December. They all converge on my home, we celebrate the 4 F’s again, Food, Fun, Family and Friends…but we sneak Santa in there too. I wish each of you the best of times during this holiday season.

A quick shout out to Father Time who will leave us at midnight December 31, 2017. “Thanks for a great year” and a big “Hello” to Baby New Year January 1, 2018. Send us all a happy, fruitful and healthy year.

I would like to leave you with this,

Pay attention to the whisper in the wind…someone is telling you they love you!

Kim Pettit
Grand Regent