October Message from Dan Gooch

As we approach the halfway point of our fiscal year at the end of this month, we see an increase in active membership. This is great to see, but can we do better? Yes we can! While we are signing members at a fantastic rate, we need to work on our retention efforts. You may say we only need to worry about that in April. Not so – we need to think retention the day we sign someone into the Moose Legion. Every day is the day to make those calls or have personal contacts. Continue to keep that Moose Legionnaire interested and involved. Give them a reason to keep up their membership. Listen to THEIR ideas. Let them help. They say, “Never turn a volunteer down.” Put them on a committee, ask them to help with a fundraising project, anything to keep them interested. Any Moose Legionnaire can help. Get a list from your jurisdiction Secretary and start making calls. I am sure he would appreciate your help. “Let’s Make It Happen, Because We Care.”

Hope to see everyone in Jacksonville for a fun-filled weekend!

Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President