October Message from Cletus McManama

Well September is over and hopefully everyone is ready for October. It’s my favorite time of the year. Give me a cozy corner, a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, apple pie, the first fire of the season. And a place to watch the leaves change with a  magnificent burst of color.

Have you started October off with the Cradle Fundraiser? Think of some fun ways to raise funds for our children and seniors. Be sure to share your ideas and post pictures on Facebook.

Let’s not forget Christmas in October. We need to remember our Children and Seniors as the Holiday Season quickly approaches. Hopefully all Chapters are getting ready for the Christmas Walk; why not bake and serve Christmas Cookies to get everyone in the holiday spirit? Maybe play some Christmas music or put up a small giving tree in your Moose home.

November will soon be here and so will membership retention week. Do you have plans in place for a fun filled week? Consider connecting with those members are on the expired list, thanking active members for paying their dues, offering special events to encourage members to stop in your Moose home. Now more than ever we need to reach out to all of our members. Every phone call, every effort to reach out to our members is never in vain. Appreciation and a ‘Thank You’ go a long way in preserving membership. We need all members to continue to be a success. Remember we are Stronger Together!

Yours in Faith, Hope and Charity,
Cletus McManama