Moose Travel Program

Since 2000, the fraternity has offered at least one travel opportunity each year for our members to take advantage of. Previous excursions have traveled to destinations like Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, the Mexican Riviera, Great Britain and the Caribbean. We have many members who participate on a regular basis, and new travelers are always welcome. Travel opportunities are normally posted one year in advance to give members time to plan and save money for the trip. And if you have a favorite vacation spot, please share it with us. It may end up being a selected destination in the future.

This year’s trip takes place in Barcelo Barvaro Beach on October 5, 2019. Join your fellow Moose Members for the ultimate carefree vacation. Everything needed for a comfortable stay is available—spacious rooms, excellent dining and extras such as spa visits and beverage service. So much to do! A tour of Altos de Chavón transports visitors to a colonial village, now a center for the arts, with fantastic views of the Chavón River. History buffs will enjoy strolling through the oldest city in America, Santo Domingo, the site of the first cathedral in the New World, a reminder of the importance of Hispaniola to American history. Visit Parque Manati, providing a glimpse of the Taino culture that Christopher Columbus encountered when he fetched up on the island in 1492. So much to do! So many ways to relax!

Click here for more information about the 2019 Moose trip to Punta Cana!

For more information, please contact Gordie Dailey by E-Mail or at 630-966-2214. (Please note: Generally, emails will receive a more timely response than phone calls).