In-Person Moose Training Classes

The new Basic 2-HOTT Class is now available as an in-person, instructor-led class. The new version has been shortened to a one-day class with two sections, making it more convenient for members to attend. The Basic 2-HOTT Class is intended to train administrators, assistants to administrators, Chapter treasurers and Moose Legion secretaries.

There is limited class availability across the country at this time, as instructors are just starting to schedule sessions in their areas. Please check the Moose Training web page beginning next week for the initial class schedules; however, there will be more classes available in the next few months.

If you take the class within the next few weeks, please be advised that this is a class that will be utilizing new practice scenarios, and you may be asked to notify the instructor in the class if something in the software does not work correctly. Please have patience with the instructors as the reporting could take extra time in the class.

Materials for the new Administrator School training are currently being reviewed and the new in-person sessions are anticipated to begin being scheduled in the middle of October. The shortened two-day course will feature new learner guides and scenarios.

Please go to the Moose Training Schedule to find classes in your area!

We hope to see you in a Basic 2-HOTT Class soon!