Moose Board of Directors Extends Moose Rewards Program

The Moose Rewards program has been extended indefinitely following the recent Moose International Board of Directors’ Meeting in February. The program, established in 2015 for an initial five-year period, had been extended until April 30, 2024 by a Board vote several years ago. The recent Board action eliminates any end date, although the Board has the ability to terminate the program should it ever fail to provide a benefit to the Fraternity.

Through the Moose Rewards program, all active members have the opportunity to earn points for doing activities to help the Fraternity grow stronger; then redeem those points for items such as lodge dues, convention registrations, catalog sales merchandise, donations through Moose Charities, and even Moose cruise fees.

Moose members may go to mooserewards.org for complete information about the program.