Moose Pages

Ever since December 2009, Moose International has offered an answer to Lodge/Chapter, Moose Legion, and Association leaders who either lack funds to pay for assembly and server space for a website, or who feel they have no one “tech savvy” enough to assemble and maintain a site.

With MoosePages, anyone with enough computer knowledge to just click a mouse and write/send an e-mail can maintain a simple website for their Lodge/Chapter, Moose Legion, or Association. A MoosePage site allows you to post top news items, messages, hours of operations, upcoming events, photos, and to get feedback from your membership through a Contact Us feature.

Give MoosePages a try! Send an E-Mail to Viatra Baker from your address. In the Subject Line, please write: MoosePages Set-Up Requested. In the E-Mail body, please provide the full identification of the Lodge/Chapter, Moose Legion, or Association, the name/contact information of the webmaster designated to maintain the site, and the password that should be associated with the site. Passwords must be at least six (6) characters in length and should not contain any capital letters or spaces.

As with Moose Newsletters, it is Moose International’s strong preference that a Moose Lodge and it’s affiliated Chapter present itself with one unified website.