Moose Members “Made It Happen”

Moose Fraternity Shows Gain in Membership for Second Straight Year

Twice is nice. For the second consecutive year, the Moose Fraternity has increased its membership total, this time gaining over four times the number of members that it increased by last year. The Moose finished the year at 875,322 members compared to 852,356 at the end of the last fiscal year – an increase of 22,966 members. In 2021-22, The Moose showed an increase of 5,120 members.

“It was a remarkable effort by all of our members this year,” according to Moose International Director of Membership Mike Rios. “What’s most impressive is that while we enhanced our recruiting numbers slightly over last year, the biggest reason our membership increased is that our retention efforts improved. That means as a Fraternity, we did a much better job making our members feel comfortable in our lodge homes and communicating our missions.”

Moose members recruited 167,158 individuals into The Moose in 2022-23. Last year, the recruiting total hit 163,703 members. The 3,455 increase only partly explained the nearly 23,000-member gain, with the rest coming from improved retention efforts.

“Our Board of Directors clearly understood the momentum we had created last year and doubled-down on some very important programs,” said Moose International CEO Scott Hart. “They continued funding our Lodge and Local Marketing grant programs; encouraged and supported the inclusion of women in lodge, association, and national management positions; embraced our successful sponsorship of NASCAR driver Ross Chastain; and visibly communicated a message of inclusion throughout the Fraternity.”

The Women of the Moose impressed with an increase of over 1,000 new members compared to last year, leading to an overall gain in membership of just under 3,000 members. The WOTM ended the year at 350,182 members compared to 347,260 in 2021-22.

For the second straight year, the Moose Legion also gained in membership, undoubtedly holding true to the mission of: “Having fun while providing greater service to the Moose Fraternity.” Year-over-year, Moose Legion membership increased by 624 members, finishing the 2022-23 fiscal year at 53,169 members.