Moose and the Coronavirus

A Message from Director General Scott Hart

We are in the midst of a pandemic that is testing every fiber of our being, our Fraternity and our nations. As a Fraternity that is nearing 132 years old this April, we have weathered many trials over that time. It has taken the collective strength of our membership to carry the Moose Mission forward in good times and bad. This point in our history will be no different. We will care for one another, serve our communities and provide a loving home for our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven.

During this time when many of our Lodge homes are not accessible to the general membership due to precautionary measures or state restrictions, let’s remember that there are a few things that we can do –

  • Be safe in this time of uncertainty and look to the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and follow state/provincial and local orders to minimize the impact of this pandemic (
  • Give our Lodge a good deep cleaning. Invite a limited number of men and women over a period of several days to tackle different parts of the building. Let’s just not sanitize, but thoroughly clean areas that have needed it for a while.
  • Work the Expired Member List by phone and let them know the good that your Lodge provides in the community and for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Every Administrator and Recorder should be able to provide a copy of the monthly list.
  • Make needed repairs or updates that the Board has been meaning to do – a new coat of paint goes a long way to providing a fresh look when food and beverage service begins again.
  • Communicate with your members. This isn’t the time to stop the Lodge Newsletter or let the Lodge website slide. If your Lodge doesn’t have a Newsletter, consider a special mailing with a letter from the Board of Officers reminding them of the good things that have happened in the past year at the Lodge and what good things lay ahead.
  • Review the Lodge Safety Report and take corrective action.
  • Take a complete inventory of Lodge, Social Quarters’ and kitchen supplies and order items that you will need when the Lodge reopens.
  • Put together a Lodge Calendar of some of the old favorites with a mix of new activities to involve all members and their families.
  • Check up on your elderly members. Make sure they are okay and see if they need anything. This is a great way to keep them connected and feeling valued.

Doing the above will make you fully prepared when the Lodge doors reopen. Our members and their guests will be hungering for fellowship and social interaction. Let’s make sure the Moose is the first place they want to visit!

As we look to tomorrow, let’s be safe, be healthy and be One Moose!

Scott Hart


Updates from the General Governor’s Office

To clarify some of the information that was sent out on Monday, the General Governor’s Office offers these points:

  • At this time, all LOOM Officer terms will be extended until June 30, 2020 with the nomination process continuing/occurring in May and the election process then occurring in June with the new officer year for 2020-21 beginning on July 1st and ending on April 30, 2021. The General Governor’s Office will provide further detailed procedures and any updates to this schedule, if necessary.
  • All current officers whose term has been extended will act as official delegates to the May 2020 International Moose Convention.
  • At this time, LOOM meetings are to be conducted as scheduled pursuant to CDC recommendations for meeting size (10 or fewer individuals). Quorum requirements are still applicable. If necessary, meetings may be conducted by conference call or electronically until further notice. Meeting minutes are still required. The health and safety of our members is paramount; therefore, no penalties shall be imposed for absences related to viral concerns.
  • To ease the requirement of membership votes on new and re-enrolled applications, the General Governor’s Office is allowing the Lodge Officers to approve applications, if necessary, after submission by the Application Review Committee, until further notice.


Updates from Moose International

During this tumultuous time, Moose International strongly recommends following the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and to abide by all rules identified by the national government, your state/province, and your local municipalities. Lodges that serve food and alcoholic beverages are most often categorized as “bar and restaurant” establishments and should adhere to the temporary restrictions set by the applicable government agencies.
Women of the Moose will be sending out guidelines tomorrow regarding elections, etc.


Cancelled Moose International Events

As most know, the Covid-19 virus has made an impact nationwide and has had an impact on our fraternity. Bowling in Cedar Rapids, IA and Darts in Belleville/Swansea, IL Tournaments have been cancelled and rescheduled for the same location next year. Moose International Youth Awareness Congress in New Jersey has been canceled as well.