May Message from Tim Gowdey

Congratulations to all the new Lodge Boards of Officers!  And thank you for stepping up to help make your Lodge a successful one for the upcoming year and beyond that into the future.

You will be busy now, planning your events for the next twelve months, including the enrollment or orientation every couple of months that you need for a Premier Lodge Award and a Leadership Award, You’re probably scratching your head wondering where you are going to find volunteers to help run all of the many special functions that every lodge needs to have to keep the members happy and the bills paid.  If I might make a suggestion, talk to your Ritual Team.

What’s that?  You don’t have a Ritual Team?  Have you asked around the Lodge lately if anyone might be interested?  Have you talked to some of the former team members about getting some new blood into their ranks and having those six enrollments?  Or maybe your team can help with orientations.  Either way, we welcome new members and tell them about Mooseheart, and Moosehaven, and Community Service.  We demonstrate how we feel about our Moose Family.  We put the cradle on the Altar and take up an endowment fund.  Maybe we could even give the new members a free dinner.

It should work.  It worked for years and years.  And that Ritual Team might just form the nucleus of a solid core of volunteers who know about the Moose, who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.  They know because they learn all of these things as they study their part, and participate in enrollment ceremonies and or orientations.  They learn because maybe they travel to regional Ritual Competitions, or the International Convention, and meet other Ritualists.  They are able to compare notes and get ideas. These Ritual Team volunteers come in to help because they are proud of their Lodge and their Fraternity.

That pride is visible and contagious.  It can spread through your whole Lodge.  And now, we don’t drag ourselves into the lodge because we have to scrub the darn old dishes on Friday night.  Now, we get to go to the lodge on Friday night and meet Jim and Bob and have a few laughs and wash a few dishes, and make a difference in the lives of many people we “may never even meet.” Imagine the pride of announcing to your members that your Lodge is one of the best Lodges in the Fraternity, and you’ve got the Premier Lodge Award to prove it!

I believe in our Ritual Program and I believe that a good Ritual Team will help a Moose Lodge immeasurably.  I also believe that there are lots of good Ritualists in our Fraternity just waiting to be approached.

So, how about it Brother Governor?  Have you appointed a Ritual Chairman yet?

Tim Gowdey,
Chairman Ritual Judging Committee