May Message from Gloria Petrea

A new beginning. The start of a new Moose year. It is an exciting time for our new Senior Regents as they begin a new adventure in their Moose journey.

Holding an All Committees meeting will start the year off on solid footing. This is a great opportunity for the officers and chairmen to get to know each other better and to plan chapter activities for the year. What fun events is your chapter planning to hold? I bet there are some awesome event ideas filling calendars around the fraternity.

This month we hold our Annual Memorial ceremony to remember and honor our departed members. These members paved the way for us, held our hands through tasks we undertook, and still watch over us today from Moose Heaven. Attending and participating in this memorial ceremony is a way of showing our gratitude to these departed members.

A new beginning. We are The Moose. Congratulations to all WOTM members currently serving on Lodge boards. You are each a ‘first’ and we wish you a successful term and your lodges a successful year.

We are The Moose.

Gloria D. Petrea
Grand Regent