May Message from Dan Gooch

Our fiscal year has come to a close. How did the Moose Legion do? How did Your Jurisdiction do? Did we have an increase in Membership? Did we show an increase in Endowment over last year? Did our other projects meet expectations? Did your Jurisdiction achieve the Pilgrim Level of the “Moose Legion Award of Excellence?” Did we “Make it Happen?” These are a lot of questions, which will be answered in Reno.

We made a very impressive effort to “Make it Happen,” “Because WE Care!” Let’s continue to remember our “Proud Past, while looking for a “Bright Future.” Moose Legionnaires continue to impress me with their giving. We all make a difference in the lives of our Mooseheart Children and our Moosehaven Seniors every day.

So, let’s continue to follow our motto, to “Do Some Good Thing for Someone Each Day”


Dan Gooch – International Moose Legion President