May Message from Chuck Barber


Many articles have been written that include a reference to this line from a bygone and fondly remembered version of the Moose Legion Ritual; “There is a destiny which makes us brothers, none goes his way alone. That which we send into the lives of others will come back into our own.”

Now as we emerge from a year of shuttered lodges, unfulfilled expectations and, in some cases, disappointed members, into the advent of One Moose, let’s pause and reexamine this statement originally attributed to poet Edwin Markham.

While many of us have felt lonely and isolated as we quarantined at home and avoided our lodges and other fraternal gatherings in order to remain safe from viral infection, the work of The Moose has not come to a grinding halt. Our Mooseheart youngsters have been kept safe and are still learning and growing in our Child City.

Meanwhile at Moosehaven, our seniors have not reported even one case of Covid-19 and are safe and happy. On both of these campuses we are “adding years to their lives and life to their years.” Additionally, communities across our fraternity are benefitting from service provide by dedicated members of Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legion Jurisdictions.

While we may mourn the loss of the physical pleasures denied us these past months such as dinners, dances, meetings, picnics, sports and conventions we should also celebrate the fact that all these blessings that we have sent into the lives of others are on their way back unto us.

In the words of the writer of Ecclesiastes; “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.” Ecc. 11:1

So, might we suggest: Let’s quit crying in our beverage and start collecting that bread! We may indeed find that the best truly is yet to come!


Charles Barber IMLC