March Message from John Prough

Hello everyone.  Man, how time flies when we are having fun. It seems like just a short time ago I was giving my new President’s speech and we were talking about my favorite sport College Basketball and shooting for 3.

Well as we all know we are still under the grips of Covid 19 and our goals haven’t been easy to make but many Moose Legions have qualified for the Key Club and made their quota and that is outstanding as both are challenging to earn in a normal year. Congratulations to each Moose Legion jurisdiction that have earned one or both of these accomplishments and be proud.

I have been thinking long and hard about how we can all achieve our ultimate goal of increasing our membership by at least 1. Well let’s go back to my speech and let’s call it March Madness if you will. We can’t sit back in a zone defense.

We must use that Full Court Press meaning we all have to work all of our tools possible meaning recruitment of those new members, especially those that have just became members of the Moose, contacting those on the expired list, reaching out to those on your dropped list, especially those men who hold a higher degree such as Fellowship or Pilgrim.

And lastly making sure we get every eligible candidate conferred. If we can’t get them enrolled at a regular celebration then please get a mini-enrollment in their lodge and either ask your ritual team to perform the ceremony (great practice for ritual competition). If this isn’t possible use the You Tube Video ceremony. It works great when needed.

I am sure if you use all the plays at our disposal in March, we can enter April on a positive. Then we just might Roll into Cincinnati as a plus for a change and this would make me ecstatic.

Lastly, as I am sure you are all aware, with not being able to have regular celebrations our Endowment donations are down. We are looking at not having a plus on this in many years. So please, ask your Moose Legion Committees to take a collection at all their meetings and send it in. Maybe even have an extra raffle or 2 to help keep us on our winning record and have an increase this year.

As my year will soon be over, I do have some empty weekends in May and June if anyone would like me to come in for a visit.  All it costs the jurisdiction is my room and food and I would love to come.

Thanks for all you all do and let us get it done.

John Prough
International Moose Legion President