March Message from Mike Hauf

Well February has come and gone.  March is here and it is that time of the year again for your nominating committees to refuel.  They need to be actively looking to find those qualified members willing to step up and put their skills to the test as Directors of your Moose Legion.

We need qualified members that are willing to give of their time and substance for the betterment of our order.  This is not to be a popularity contest.  We need leadership that cares if we want to maintain and sustain our jurisdictions.

Each year our leadership has the task to find willing member candidates for office.  We must get them to training at an MLEC (if they haven’t been to one recently) and then elected and installed prior to May 1st so they can get to the business of running our Moose Legion Jurisdictions.  There is lots to do including setting up activities for our membership and raising funds supporting Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Camp Ross.

We are in the final two months of the 2017-18 year and if you aren’t looking at your arrears list by this time you may be slipping in membership and may want to look ahead.  Are you plus for the year?  How far away are you?  Can you call a few members on your list and get back to +1?

Do you have any new candidates that haven’t been to Conferral yet?  They don’t count on your active member list until they are enrolled.  Maybe it’s time for a Mini Conferral at YOUR Lodge to get these Lodge members conferred that haven’t been able to make it previously.

There are a few more holidays or other occasions to work into great Moose Legion fun nights.  It takes planning.  But, these are ways to bring in new member prospects, so don’t let go of these opportunities to give your members a fun activity and bring prospective members with them to have fun and probably then sign up their friends which will  help support your lodge and Moose Legion Committees.

As of January 31, 2018 the Moose Legion President’s Project was officially still a little short of the needed goal to replace the doors, windows and gutters on the bunkhouse, but the siding at this time had been funded!  A very heart felt gracious THANK YOU, to all of the donors that have reached deep into their pockets and participated in this fundraiser to help finish this worthwhile project.

I also want to thank all of the people that have organized and worked the many fundraisers for this project.  We have a very respectable camp environment that can give our Kids, Mooseheart family teachers and staff a place to stay year round in comfort.  In this semi-wilderness environment we bring nature to the forefront for our kids and staff to enjoy.

We should be actively planning attendance at the New Orleans convention and our Moose Legion Fun weekend in Oklahoma City in November.  Thanks so much for all you do as Moose Legionnaires!

President Mike

Piper N6852P