March Message from Walt Zurowski

As we near the end of this campaign year, we are within reach of showing a gain for the first time in seven years.  While we are down some 1600 Moose Legionnaires (at mid-March), there is still time to contact those who have not renewed and make a concerted effort to get them to renew.  While we continue to receive good news on recruitment of new members, it is also important to preserve those we already have as members.  The reason I mention this is because I’ve noticed a decline in the number of new members attending activity events within our Lodges.

Working with our respective Moose Legion Secretaries, Jr. Past Presidents, his Retention Committee and the Council of Higher Degrees we can and must make the effort to contact those expired and former members and return them to the rolls.  I often hear of the frustrations over having to deal with the same problems each year; that of membership retention.  Some of you have been in the leadership roles within your jurisdictions for many years and understand this is an ongoing problem.  Some may be new to the membership process and by now probably understand the challenges of retention.  Retention is something we should be doing each day if we are to increase our membership.

The International Moose Legion Council is actively pursuing ways to increase membership and retention and being something we all need to do each day by interacting with our membership through constant communication.  This reaches from getting new members involved, to following up on those we haven’t seen at our Lodge Moose Legion Committee meetings.  We need to pull out all stops to interact with our membership.  These things do not magically happen, they take time and effort.  Have you and your Directors reached out to all or at least most members?  Have you tried something new to reach out to them and get them back and involved?

It takes a team to do this right.  It is not just the Jr. Past President, his committee and the Council of Higher Degrees.  It is a coordinated and sustained effort that will allow us the opportunity to succeed.  At the end of the day you can at least say that every effort was made to retain our fellow Moose Legionnaires.

With the right personal effort you can help assure that our members remain active and involved within their Moose Legions, Lodges and even help our Chapters.  Together we can make a difference and keep more Brothers in the Moose Legion.  As we end this Honoring Community Heroes Campaign year will you at least make the effort with a final push?