March Message from Gloria Petrea

One year ago this week, across the fraternity, we all went into shutdown and lockdown. Hard to believe it has been a year, since we thought April and May 2020 would never end. It has been a year we will never forget. As Moose members we have shown our resilience and ingenuity, and continue to do so.

Our chapters are in the midst of our annual Nominations and Elections procedures. Many are right on schedule and about to hold their election. Some chapters are still securing officers for the new year. Our Nominating Committees have a very important job in our chapters and I applaud their commitment to their tasks. It is their responsibility to select, and place on the ballot, qualified co-workers to lead the chapter in the WOTM program. I extend my thanks to these committees across the fraternity and also to the co-workers who step forward to hold office. We could not continue the work we do without you.

Now is the time to put our retention efforts in high gear and finish out the year strong in membership. Get all involved. Personal phone calls can work wonders on the expired list. Also call members who have renewed and thank them for their continued support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. The calls are an excellent time to share a reminder of upcoming chapter events and ask for volunteers.

The leprechauns of March are out and playing. Have you seen any of them? They are working to turn things green and to liven up chapters and lodges. They may even be spreading some magic around. St Patrick’s Day is a big celebration no matter which Moose Home you enter. Fun decorations, good music, great food and fellowship among our members will keep the leprechauns from playing tricks on you. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Your Grand Regent,
Gloria Petrea