March Message from Charles Barber

Recently, the pastor of our online church service related a story about stopping for coffee at Starbucks on his way to work. Waiting in line in front of him was a large pick-up truck that, although the cars in front had long since moved, just sat in one place and did not move up to place an order. Eventually, curiosity got the best of the pastor and, peering into the cab of the truck, he noticed the occupant was busily engaged in cleaning the rearview mirrors. Oblivious to the fact that there was space for two or three cars to move up, the occupant just sat admiring the rearview.

Many times, we get into a similar situation as we proudly proclaim the past accomplishments of the Moose Legion, and we should celebrate our “Proud Past,” but as our attention remains on admiring the past, we can become blind to the opportunity of the “Bright Future” and the work needed to create a future as impressive as our past. There are many exciting opportunities available as we move forward in time, and so many new technologies and talented members who are proficient in using them; yet so often we hear “we never did that before,” or something in that vein that tends to discourage new ideas and fresh thinking.

Gentlemen, there is no doubt that a considerable amount of new and fresh thinking is evident since we combined men and women into one membership in The Moose fraternity, so let’s stop cleaning our rearview mirrors and keep our eyes on the opportunities to move forward that are sure to come. Remember that it does no good to be on the right track if you let the train run over you.



Charles Barber IMLP