First-Time Convention Attendee Experience

Meet Mike Sagel, Administrator of the Sellersville Lodge #1539 (PA) and first-time attendee of the 2019 International Moose Convention! Read about the experiences of other first-time convention goers in the next issue of Moose Magazine!

How much were you looking forward to this Convention?
I was interested in learning more about it. To see what we do at the lodge is one thing, but you get to meet more people here and get a better understanding what the Moose is all about.

What have you gained from being in Las Vegas?
Seeing things like the lady who grew up at Mooseheart (Molly Kucera) and hearing her story – that just brings tears to your eyes. You look at her and at the photos of the kids that they showed and you know we’re doing the right thing. We have to do more in our lodges to make sure people understand that too.

You heard Jon Taffer speak. Did you like his message?
I thought he was great. He helped inspire us with things we can take back to our lodges. We can try to fix them up, make members want to be there and make new guests want to be a part of what we do. I can’t wait to get home to start doing some of the stuff he talked about.

What other things make Convention attendance worthwhile?
You get to see other administrators, governors and past governors from all over the country and you get a better understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish and how they’re doing it. I can’t be at every workshop, but my wife has gone to the ones I haven’t been able to attend. It gives me insight to take back to our lodge.

How will the ban on tobacco products affect your lodge?
We went no-smoking around six years ago. It didn’t hurt our business. In fact we gained a lot more members. We’re a Family Center and it doesn’t make sense to have smoking in a Family Center. The ban just makes sense.