June Message from Walt Zurowski

What will the future of the Moose and Moose Legion look like? The real question is, what part of our future are you concerned with? Should we be concerned about the past, this year, the next year or even the existence of our fraternity?

However, the single most important thrust of the fraternity is recruiting new members. Just as the armed forces rely on recruiters for success, so must we rely on our members – our recruiters – for continued success and growth. One could certainly argue that part of recruitment includes Retention of the member(s) we recruited. That is where we can all do our part to work to get new and former members back on our active membership rolls.

Every plan and program, fraternal and sponsored benefit that the Moose and Moose Legion has to offer today is a direct result of our membership strength. In the early days our members joined our fraternal units because they saw value and real opportunity and need to support the children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven. However, for some time, we have seen a declining membership in our Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions.

One key to our future strength is attracting and keeping younger members. We can see some changes only when we start electing younger Officers and Directors to our fraternal units. The business of running our Lodges and Moose Legions most often falls on the shoulders of our older members. However, we need newer – younger members who can and must help us if we are to shore up our base and grow. Unfortunately, many of our younger members have no idea of what the Moose and Moose Legion represent. That is an ‘opportunity’ for us to train and mentor those who will eventually take our place.

The first step in recruiting new members is to remember what caused you to join the Moose and even elevate to the Moose Legion. Whether it was a fraternal or sponsored benefit something was important enough for you to join and advance. Normally it may be one or two of the programs that prompt that action. No one joins the Moose or Moose Legion just for all the benefits of membership. It is often recognizing all the good we do in our communities that may entice new members to join. Making our community presence a positive one is vital to that end.

When creating your vision for our future, please make sure to consider whether or not your vision is one that will help our fraternity to get stronger which in turn will help us grow. You can help us “Create Our Future” with your involvement. Will you be part of the positive movement? We hope so, as our future depends on you.

Above all, BECOME INVOLVED..BECOMING both A MEMBER RECRUITER and RETAINER working in unity as “Moose” to learn from the past and build on the present to Create Our Future. As we continue to become better, we will realize the opportunity to grow. You can then proudly say you were part of the positive process to Create our Future!