June Message from Chuck Barber


Many of us remember fondly the way a room would light up when Past International Moose Legion President Artie Shaw would stand and lead a rousing cheer of “Hey, Hey, Hey ain’t it great to be a proud Moose Legionnaire!!” Judging from what I see on Facebook and other places this cheer is still being used at Moose Legion celebrations with the same enthusiastic response.

Now the question is, do you suppose that PIP Artie Shaw was just a gentleman with an over active thyroid who was a life long teenager, or was he a Moose Legionnaire genuinely excited about the opportunity to serve that we all have, every day, in this organization. Moose Legionnaire’s when we get together for meetings, conferences, celebrations etc., it isn’t just a sense of duty that draws us or that ignited PIP Shaw’s joyous cheerleading.

We aren’t just robots mindlessly sending in our dues annually. On the contrary, each year we are privileged to provide $2.50 to Moosehaven operations, $2.50 to Moosehaven Senior Medical Fund, $1.75 for operation of Mooseheart’s Camp Ross, $3.25 for International Moose Legion operations; additionally, as an active member you then can donate to Youth Awareness, an annual capital project, fund Mooseheart student trips and an annual President’s project for Mooseheart or Moosehaven and other special supporting needs as they arise.

There is a tremendous sense of pride in all of this as we see the happy smiling faces of the students at Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven safe and content in state of the art campuses provided, in large part, by the efforts of Moose Legionnaires throughout the Fraternity. So you know what, HEY, HEY, HEY IT IS GREAT TO BE A PROUD MOOSE LEGIONNAIRE!!

Charles Barber IMLC