July Message from Charles Barber

As my year as International Moose Legion President comes close to its end, I would like to share some of my observations. First, however, let me extend my gratitude to all Moose Legionnaires for overcoming a deficit in membership greater than 2,600 in just 30 days and ending the year plus 303 members, giving us a three-peat in membership gains. Also, thanks to your generosity, we funded not one, not two, but three separate goals in the Moose Legion President’s Project, providing Moosehaven with a tractor, a woodchipper, and gardening tools. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  1. The Moose Legion is full of talented and dedicated members accomplishing great things, sometimes despite having little or no help.
  2. Everyone has problems, and they are the same everywhere; however, successful jurisdictions find constructive ways to overcome these problems.
  3. Our biggest struggle continues to be “Failure to Communicate.” So, let us make it our top priority in the 2024-2025 Moose Legion year to TALK and LISTEN to each other. So many problems will never occur if we follow this one small piece of advice.

So, let us overcome our problems; help each other so talented members can create events, functions, and promotions that help the Moose Legion get to the next level; and effectively communicate with each other so we can find ways to “Embrace our Communities!!” Hope to see you in New Orleans.



Charles Barber, IMLP