January Message from Mary Froning

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season surrounded by family and friends. We spent Christmas with our families celebrating with plenty of food, fun, and laughter. We were invited to a couple of Lodges to help them celebrate as well, so yes I do believe I did my fair share of celebrating and eating! It is always wonderful to spend time with our family, which includes our Moose family as well.

As we begin the New Year I hope you take the time to reflect back on your accomplishments of this past year, not only your personal accomplishments, but those of your Chapter as well. Did your chapter earn the Award of Achievement? Did they have a gain in membership? Did you have some fun and exciting Chapter Activity nights? So many things to think about and to reflect back on. As we begin to think about another Chapter year coming to a close in a few short months, we probably have many of the same goals for this Chapter year. We still have time to achieve our goals and have a great Chapter year.

January is also a time to start thinking about the election of new officers for the upcoming year. Senior Regents will be announcing the Nominating Committee members at the second meeting of the month in January as well as announcing the date, time and place for the first, second, and third Nominating Committee meetings. At this time the Senior Regent will also ask co-workers to submit names for consideration for office. The first Nominating Committee meeting is held sometime in the first two weeks of February prior to the 15th and the second and third meeting are February 15th or after. The meeting shall be announced at a chapter meeting prior to the date held. All meetings shall be held prior to the first meeting in March when the final slate of nominees is read at the Chapter Activity night. The election is then held two weeks later. Your Installation of Officers is then held anytime in April. Please refer to section 92. of your General Laws Book as to who is eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee. Good luck to you all in selecting great leaders for your chapter.

Thank you for all you do for our kids and our seniors, as well as for your communities. I am so very proud to let people know I am a Moose member. I treasure the smiles on their faces as they realize what an impact we as Moose members have in our communities. Above all, please be kind to all you meet; we never know what they may be dealing with each day.

Your Grand Regent,
Mary Froning